How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?

Why don’t we Breathe Equally from both the Nostrils? What is the Nasal Cycle Cure? What are the Benefits of breathing through both nostrils?
How to breathe through both nostrils?

For some people, swelling in the nasal tissues or unevenness of the septum may become complicated making them unable to breathe.  To learn how to breathe through both nostrils, continue reading this article as we will be covering ways to free up clogged nostrils. 

1. Why do we Breathe through Only One Nostril?

This may be a health issue that can cause further complications in the future. The reason for breathing through only one nostril is because of uneven septum which is a tissue that separates both the nostrils. The severe unevenness is known as deviated septum which causes breathing possible only through one nostril. The person with this condition experience difficulty in breathing, a blocked nose, nasal congestion, and sinus. If the deviation is not corrected it might lead to serious health conditions. (See Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

2. How Rarely do we breathe out from Both Nostrils?

Theories reveal that about 75% of the breathing is from one nostril and the other 25% is said to be breathing from both the nostrils. Usually, the other nostril has a lesser rate, it is done by the inferior nostril. Generally, the airflow has rhythmic variation. The dominant nostril in general is said to switch twice a day, this cycle is known as the nasal cycle. It isn’t exactly clear how this cycle happens, some say this might be because of nostrils getting dry while some theories suggest, it must be because of gravity. However, in this case, nose blockage and tissue swelling may be the cause.

3. How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?

The alternate asymmetric airflow through both the nostrils is known as the nasal cycle. The cycle is under the control of the hypothalamus that coordinates the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system to clog the nasal mucosa. This cycle is the spontaneous congestion and decongestion of the mucosa. When the nostrils decongest, one of the nostrils becomes active and vice versa. During times of cold, mucus buildup, deviated septum, sinus infection the situation becomes intolerable because of blockage. (See How to treat a Bad Cough?)

To answer how to breathe through both nostrils, there are certain home remedies. These home remedies for congestion are humidifiers, saline sprays, and positioning your head may also help. If the congestion continues to last for more than 10 days it is advisable to seek a doctor’s help. Other ways how to breathe through both nostrils are discussed below.

4. What is Alternate Nostril breathing?

Alternate nostril breathing is widely known as Nadi shodhana. It is a simple technique that helps you to calm your body, mind, and emotions. It greatly helps people, dealing with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. There are different styles for nadi shodhana which commonly has a single purpose that is regulating your mind and creating balance in everything. The word nadi shodhana means clearing the channels of circulation.

5. Is Alternate Breathing Safe?

Alternate breathing is safe in most cases, but for patients having asthma, COPD, lung, or heart diseases, practicing alternate breathing may face some problems. So, they must take precautions while practicing this method. During practice, they must take their time slowly without exerting themselves and if they are using inhalers, then they must keep it near. (See World Record For Hiccups)

How to breathe through both nostrils?

6. How to Practice Alternate Breathing Methods?

  • Make yourself seated on a mat on the floor, your spine straight by sitting upright.
  • Rest your left palm comfortably on your lap and bring your right hand in front of your face.
  • With your right hand, use your pointer finger and middle finger and rest them in between your eyebrows. Your thumb and ring finger would be used.
  • Make your thoughts clear and close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out, that is only through your nose.
  • Now close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through your left nostril, slowly.
  • Now close the left nostril with your ring finger, now you’re both the nostrils would be closed, retain your breath and give it a short pause.
  • Now open your right nostril and release the breath slowly and pause your breath.
  • Inhale through ride side slowly.
  • Now hold both nostrils closed.
  • Open your left nostril and do the same.
  • Do the abovementioned steps in a cycle 5 to 10 times, until your mind gets better. (Also read What Does It Mean When Your Blood Is Dark Red?)

7. What are the Benefits of breathing through both nostrils?

How to breathe through both nostrils? Doing yoga helps you to breathe through both nostrils not ideally but to some extent. The alternate breathing method helps improve breathing. Researches revealed that in a month of practicing alternate breathing, people experienced and got huge benefits.

  • It Increases the sense of awareness.
  • It gives a boost in energy.
  • It Increases physical health by stimulating the secretion of hormones like adrenalin and cortisol.
  • It also improves sleep and balances hormones.
  • Additionally, it regulates heart rate and blood pressure.
  • It provides better oxygen flow and people could inhale and exhale a higher amount of oxygen.
  • Moreover, alternate breathing lowers fear and anxiety.
  • It also helps maintain stress levels and balances the nervous system.

The other benefit of breathing through both nostrils is that deep breathing causes a decrease in blood lactate levels. To reduce this, shallow breathing may help, which engages different parts of the brain to make it more aware. (See What is a Hair Cowlick?)

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