How to Be Loved By Everyone?

What is Unconditional Love? What are the Secrets to being Loved by Everyone? Can a Person Love Unconditionally? Why do we Need to Love and be Loved in Return?
How to Be Loved By Everyone

Loving someone is a beautiful experience, but being loved by someone is the best feeling. Some people want to be loved by every person in their life, be it their parents, siblings, relatives, friends, in-laws, or even strangers. Some people only know how to love someone unconditionally, but they have no idea how to make everyone love them. Those who learned to love and be loved in return should be praised for their achievements. Continue reading to know how to be loved by everyone.

1. What is Unconditional Love?

You would have heard love without expectation is a one-sided love. It is the purest form of love when one person is showering love, and the other is unaware of it. Unconditional love is defined as a love where there are no expectations, limitations, or conditions. A mother’s love towards her kid is a true form of unconditional love, and it needs no further explanation. (Also read What is an Unhealthy Relationship?)

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2. What are the Secrets to being Loved by Everyone?

Remember, it is impossible to make everyone fall in love with you because you are not chocolate. Let us mention even chocolate has haters. Everyone would have witnessed it. So, here are the secrets to make yourself likable to anyone you meet, greet, or live with.

  • Smile because it is a way to get someone’s attention, and it also makes you look humble. Do not grin or laugh when looking at someone, as they may think that you are making fun of them. (Also read 12 Little Known Reasons and Benefits of Smiling)
  • Laugh and lighten the air, but not like a maniac. Everyone likes a cheerful person because it makes them forget their problems for a while. 
  • Expecting nothing is the next lesson in how to be loved by everyone. In this way, people will like you automatically. 
  • Complaining is not a good habit, and no one likes such a person. So, try to show gratitude towards your life, good health, and what others are doing for you. 
  • Stop comparing yourself and your life with others. Stay as you are but do not overdo it to attract others. 
  • Being humble helps to some extent because this quality has become a rarity in today’s world.
  • Stop talking about others because gossiping makes a wrong impression. 
  • Talking less and listening more is the first thing to be mastered in how to be loved by everyone. People want someone to listen to them and not the one who always chatters. (Also read 7 Signs That You Talk Too Much)
  • Never behave like an all-knowing guru. No one likes a person who talks and behaves like an over-smart. It makes you look arrogant, and people will stay away from you. 
  • Weaknesses are good, to be acknowledged and admitted. People tend to like someone who readily accepts their weaknesses and does not hide behind fake strength. 
  • Ask to solve and not to end the conversation. Your question should involve how, why, or when. This will look like you are interested in listening to them, and they would love it. 

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3. How to Love Someone Unconditionally?

Loving someone changes with time, situation, circumstances, relationships, and more. After understanding how to be loved by everyone, you can consider the following ways, if you want to understand, how to give love unconditionally.

  • Loving yourself unconditionally will let you love others unconditionally too. If you do not have it, how can you give it to others? So first, start by loving yourself and then spread this love to others. (Also read How to Practice Self-Love?)
  • Adapt your love according to the person’s needs and requirements. Love is not always clinging to each other. Sometimes, love should give them their space and freedom to breathe. 
  • Forgiveness is necessary rather than holding on to negative feelings and memories. (See How to End a Toxic Friendship?)
  • Show love to someone whom no one is ready to love. One form of unconditional love is to love someone who is ignored by others
  • Understand there can be phases where things go out of hand. Sometimes another person may not act in the way you expect them to, but you still need to understand their mental and emotional state. (Also read How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?)
  • How to be loved by everyone is first to understand that love should not be time bounded if you want it to be unconditional. Practice a daily act of love towards others, even to animals. 

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4. Why do you have to Love and be Loved in Return?

Your mind responds differently when you care for and love someone. Humans have developed an emotion and need towards love, and they find it necessary to love. You may be attracted to someone because of their looks, behavior, nature, money, or passion. But loving someone means sacrificing your emotions, feelings, desire, and even your existence because you find a piece of yourself within them. (Also read What is Romantic Love in Psychology?)

If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, it is obvious to you to expect love from them. If your partner reciprocates the same feelings, then you feel on top of the world. In the words of Eden Ahbez, the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. But having learned how to be loved by everyone is not enough because, in the end, only one person and his love matter the most. (Also read 32 Signs that show that someone likes you)

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