How Testosterone affects male behaviour?

What are the effects of testosterone in males? How High Testosterone Impacts Men’s Behavior?
  1. The hormone is just one factor

    The male hormone is just one factor that affects the behavior but the resultant behavior of a person is a result of the combination of so many factors including environmental conditions and not just his hormones.

  2. Anger

    Males who have high testosterone usually get angry easily, sometimes for no apparent reason. Anger can also be caused by other psychological problems that have nothing to do with increased testosterone.

  3. Agression

    A male with high testosterone can experience aggression and hostility especially towards other males. In extreme cases that male could have antisocial behavior.

  4. Increased sexual desire

    When testosterone goes up a male’s sexual desire goes up. Males with high testosterone level think about sex more often.

  5. Less fatigue

    In some studies testosterone injections have been associated with reduced fatigue. Males who have low testosterone might feel tired easily.

  6. Less depression

    High testosterone levels can make a male feel less depressed. Male who have low level of testosterone are more likely to get depressed.

  7. Higher self esteem

    Males who get testosterone injections might report increased self esteem. While self esteem is subject to many other factors it seems that there is a connection between it and the levels of testosterone a male has. (See How can a man tell if he has high testosterone?)

  8. Competitiveness

    Males with high levels of testosterone are usually very competitive. Males who have lower levels of testosterone are usually less competitive than their peers.

  9. Protectiveness

    Testosterone fuels feelings of Protectiveness towards one’s female. This protectiveness can be demonstrated in an aggressive way.

  10. Stingy behavior

    In one study it was shown that testosterone fuels stingy and anti social behavior when there is a competition.

  11. Different effect when no competition

    The absence of competition lets testosterone function in a different way according to a study. With no competition perceived a male with high testosterone can be friendly and generous.

  12. The desire to dominate

    Testosterone can also fuel the desire to dominate. Dominant males usually have higher levels of testosterone.

  13. Increased risk taking behavior

    Some studies have shown a connection between high levels of testosterone and risk taking behavior. (See How does it feel like to have high levels of testosterone?)

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