How Tall is Elsa and Anna?

Have you ever Wondered how Tall is Elsa and Anna? What is the Frozen Movie all about? What are some of the Fun facts about Frozen?
How tall is Elsa and Anna?

You all have your random crazy thoughts. Have you ever thought about what the Disney princess would look like in real life? If you’re a fan and are planning to dress as Elsa or Anna for Halloween or any other costume parties then you would have wondered how tall is Elsa and Anna? At least, you would have thought about how tall is Anna just to compare, relate and satisfy your inner child. You will know about all of this as you continue reading the article about the Arendelle sisters.

1. What is the Frozen Movie all about?

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One of the highest-grossing films of all time, Frozen was inspired by the fairy tale Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Anderson. If you are not familiar with this movie, then here’s a summary for you. Go through it before you read about how tall is Elsa and Anna.

  • Magical Daughter: Elsa, the first daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle, possesses magic that allows her to control ice and snow. One day, Elsa accidentally hurts Anna. The King and Queen take Anna along with Elsa to the colony of trolls. Grand Pabbie, the eldest of trolls cures and alters Anna’s memory thus making her forget about Elsa’s power. He advises that Elsa should learn to control her powers and fear which always makes her unstable. (See What are the Names of the Seven Dwarves in Snow White?)
  • Isolation: Back in the castle, King and Queen isolate Elsa in a room for her own and everyone’s safety. Elsa confines herself to a room and stops talking to Anna creating a rift in their relationship. Unfortunately, the king and the queen die in a sea storm leaving the responsibility of running the kingdom at the hands of Elsa.
  • Coronation and calamities: On her 21st birthday, Elsa is crowned queen and steps out of her room after a long time. During her coronation, Anna meets Prince Hans and falls in love with him. When he proposes impulsively, Anna agrees and tries to get blessings from Elsa. But when Elsa refuses their marriage, Anna gets angry and starts questioning her isolation. In a panic, Elsa puts Arendelle in winter forever and flees the place.
  • Search for sister: Making Hans in charge in her absence, Anna leaves Arendelle looking for Elsa. On her way, she meets an iceman Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. Anna finds Elsa and tells her what she has done. Elsa admits that she doesn’t know how to revert the magic and starts panicking. In fear, Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart and throws them out of her ice castle. Kristoff takes Anna to Grand Pabbie to cure her condition where Grand Pabbie tells the cure lies in a true love’s kiss. Kristoff takes Anna back to Arendelle so that she could be cured by Hans.
  • Love and Betrayal: Instead of kissing Anna to stop her from dying, Hans leaves her in a room stating that he was planning to take over Arendelle by eliminating the two sisters. Heartbroken, Anna struggles in the room and is saved by Olaf their childhood snowman when the building collapse. Meanwhile, it is shown that Elsa came back to Arendelle and was captured by Hans. Elsa breaks free from the cell and tries to find Anna in the snowstorm. Anna sees that Hans is going to kill Elsa and stops him before completely freezing into solid ice. Elsa cries and mourns over her which brings back Anna alive she realizes love is the key to her magic and turns down the winter. Hans is arrested and is sent back to his kingdom on trial for trying to assassinate the queen. Kristoff and Anna kiss, while Elsa orders that the castle door won’t be closed ever again. (See Pinocchio Story Summary)

2. How Tall is Elsa and Anna?

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If you got to know the story then here is the answer to your question how tall is Elsa and Anna. Though some sources may unrealistically say that Elsa is 11’2” tall. Then how tall is Anna? The actual height of Elsa and Anna according to the director of Frozen, Jennifer Lee is that Elsa is approximately 5’7’’ and Anna stands at an average of 5’5”. It can be quite difficult to see the height differences in the movies. Elsa’s volume of hair may or may not be a contributing factor her to looking taller. However, you could see the height differences more prominently in some of the scenes, especially the one where Anna and Elsa sport their coronation hairstyles. Also, there are many fan theories that support the idea of her height. (See Top 10 Ugliest characters in Disney)

3. What are Some of the Fun facts about the Frozen Movie?

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  • The crest of Arendelle is called crocus and is a symbol of spring and rebirth.
  • Though Rapunzel has the longest hair, Elsa has got 42,000 single strands which are greater than Rapunzel’s.
  • Frozen took 70 years to produce into a film in the 1930s.
  • Elsa was meant to be the villain but later changed her role as Disney wanted a movie that represented sisterhood and sisterly love.
  • Elsa is the eldest Disney princess and from the answer of how tall is Elsa and Anna, you can tell that she is the tallest among the sisters, and Hans is the youngest villain in the Disney movies.
  • Fifty people worked on the technology to build the palace of Elsa and it nearly took thirty hours for the creation of the single frame of that scene.
  • For some Elsa represents a role model for LGBTQ+ youths and the song Let it Go is compared to a song for the term coming out of the closet. (Also read First Full Length Movie Ever Made)

So, now you know how tall is Elsa and Anna and the impact Frozen had on children is huge and every child knows the lyrics of the songs by heart. It seems the children were so obsessed with Frozen that they watched that movie repeatedly which annoyed a lot of parents. I hope you also got to know interesting facts about Frozen and if you know something more don’t just keep it yourself. Share it with the world! (See Why Did Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Break Up?)

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