How Tall Do Sunflowers Grow?

What Measures should be taken to Grow Tall Sunflowers? How to Take Care of the Tall Sunflowers? How Soil affects their Heights?
How tall do Sunflowers Grow

Sunflowers are available in many sizes, ranging from dwarf varieties to large giants whose single flower can be bigger than your head. Such tremendous variety makes them a favorite of decorators who can always get the sunflower of their desired size. But how tall do sunflowers grow? You will find that out in this article along with how tall can sunflowers grow and much more. 

1. What Conditions are required for Growing Tall Sunflowers?

A field of sunflowers: how tall do sunflowers grow 2

Sunflowers are heliotropic meaning they face the sun and cannot thrive in shade. You can grow tall sunflowers if you grow them in the right conditions.

  • Some factors that affect their height are the type of soil, pH levels of the soil, exposure to the sun, the size of the container, and the distance between each sprout. Sunlight is the most important requirement. Plant the seeds at a place where they can get 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. Exposure to direct sunlight will help the branches and stems grow stronger with time. (See Do Sunflowers Need Full Sun?)
  • So, how tall do sunflowers grow? As said, it depends on their plantation soil. To make sure their height is not affected by their sibling plant then place the seeds at least 20 inches away from each other. Although this will make the plants grow tall and flower heads will not be huge.
  • Watering is also required and it will be better if you set up a hose watering system or a drip system to maintain the moisture in the soil.
  • Apart from these, other requirements are correct fertilizers that should be given regularly at a particular stage of their growth. So use natural fertilizers every week to keep the plants healthy. Simply dig holes that are 3 to 4 feet deep and 1.5 feet away from the plant and pour diluted fertilizer into them. It will help the roots absorb it easily. 
  • Nutrition is the next important thing. Sunflowers have deep root systems and absorb more nutrients from the soil in comparison to other plants. Proper nutrient ensures large flowers in the blooming season. Replenish the soil with necessary nutrients before planting the next batch in the coming year.

Sunflowers are rigid plants but without growing in proper conditions, they will stay weak as their growth will be stopped. Also, the temperature required for planting the seeds will be a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Young seedlings need care and the right environment to become healthy and tall. In the next segment, you will read how tall do sunflowers grow. (See How to Make a Sunflower Garden?)

2. How does Soil affect the Height of the Sunflower?

Before planting the seeds, it would be a good idea to check the nature of the soil in your garden or backyard, where you are planning to plant them. According to some estimations, the preferred quality of soil is a bit alkaline with pH levels reaching up to 7.5 and not more than that. However, the minimum level of pH is 5.5. Makes sure it is not more or less than the mentioned parameter to ensure that your plant grows tall and beautiful. (See What are the Types of Sunflower Seeds?)

3. Can you Grow Tall Sunflowers in Containers?

  • You can choose to plant the seeds in a pot or directly in the garden. But remember that the roots of the sunflower plant need large underground space to expand to their full potential.
  • Their basic requirement is sunlight for the roots to develop properly. Pots can be kept in sunlight, but their restricted space may prevent the roots from fully developing.
  • You can also plant the seeds in pots or containers to keep the newly planted seeds and seedlings safe from birds. But you should transfer the plant to an open soil area after 14 days of planting them. Small varieties of sunflowers are easily grown in pots and can be kept indoors. (See How to Grow Sunflower In A Pot?)

4. Why correct Sunflower Plant Spacing is important?

Bunch of dwarf sunflowers.

How tall do sunflowers grow if they cant grow freely? Actually, the growth and development of plants are affected if they get over-crowded. To avoid such a situation, follow these tips.

  • Maintain a particular distance between the seeds or sprouts so they can have proper spacing between them when they mature.
  • When planting the sprouts of the standard varieties of sunflowers keep at least three feet of space between two of them.
  • If you are planting the sprouts of the giant varieties of sunflowers then there should be a minimum of 4 feet of space between each sprout. (See What is Golden Delicious Apples?)

5. How Tall do Sunflowers Grow?

Standard sunflowers can generally grow up to a height of 10 feet while some giant varieties of sunflowers can grow up to 15 feet to 20 feet.

But how tall can sunflowers grow? You would be amazed to know that in 2014, a sunflower became a world record holder by growing to a spectacular height of more than 30 feet which is discussed in the later parts of this article. (See How Long Do Sunflowers Bloom?)

6. How Tall can Sunflowers Grow in a Week?

A person setting the soil of a dwarf sunflower plant in the garden: how tall do sunflowers grow 1

The sunflower seed packet that you buy from the market will have information regarding plant growth and one can estimate the height of the plant using this information. For example, if the seed packet says the seeds will grow up to a height of 10 feet it means the plant must grow 12 inches a month or 2.5 inches per week. Calculate and record the growth of the plant accordingly.

A single giant head sunflower remains in full bloom for about 3 to 4 weeks after it has matured. If you want your plant to last longer and produce more flowers during the season, then you will have to deadhead it regularly. As you already know how tall do sunflowers grow, let’s read about how soil affects their height. (See What’s the difference between annuals and perennials?)

7. Why do Tall Sunflowers face Downwards?

  • Heads of young and blooming sunflowers mirror the movement of the sun. They will follow the sun from east to west and after it sets, they will face the east again at night.
  • But as these flowers mature, their heads become heavy, especially in the taller and giant varieties of sunflowers. As a result, their stems no longer follow the sun instead they just faced towards the east.

So some giant flowers are unable to hold their heads high as the heads become too heavy. It is the reason they hang downwards towards the ground. (See Why Do People Wish on Dandelions?)

8. How to take Care of Tall Sunflowers from Wind?

  • Tall sunflowers are sensitive to high winds because of their long stems and big heads.
  • If your area is prone to high winds or windy weather then avoid watering the plant for the time being. It will stop the soil from becoming moist and will prevent the plant from blowing away with the wind.
  • Though stalking is not mandatory for tall sunflowers, it can help the plant to stay strong in conditions of heavy winds. (See 8 Sand Storms Facts)

9. Which is the Tallest Sunflower?

A lady hiding behind the giant flowers: how tall do sunflowers grow 3

One of the tallest sunflowers with the world record was grown in 2014 in Germany, where a person named Hans-Peter Schiffer planted it. Hans is an expert at growing tall sunflowers and has grown many tall flowers. He is remarkably successful in his work and held the title of growing the tallest sunflower twice. This tallest sunflower today is standing at 30 feet and 1 inch tall, which broke the Guinness World Record and can be seen reaching towards the clouds in Germany, Nordrhein Westfalen.

Among the various varieties of sunflowers, the Yellow-Golden species is also the oldest known specie and the one that reaches the maximum height. Plant this variety to have a tall sunflower plant in your collection. Follow the mentioned steps to make sure your sunflower plant grows tall. (See How to Grow Purple Sunflowers?)

You now know all about the length of sunflowers and how tall do sunflowers grow. You also learned about the tallest sunflower in the world. (See Types of Trees with Purple Flowers)

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