How Sunglasses affect your mood?

Could Sunglasses Affect Our Mood? Does wearing sunglasses affect your mood?

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  1. 1 Sunglasses can make a person more confident

    As sunglasses cover the imperfections many people have then tend to give them an instant boost of self confidence (See also why sunglasses make people look better).

  2. 2 Sunglasses can make a person more bold

    As a person feels that he is hiding behind something he tends to be more bold and assertive as a result of the increased confidence he experiences.

  3. 3 Sunglasses can cause depression

    The happiness hormone serotonin is released when a person sees sunlight with his eyes. When sunglasses block sunlight's rays less serotonin is produced (See what causes depression).

  4. 4 Sunglasses can make a person feel relaxed and at ease

    As a person realizes that his emotions are harder to detect , because his eyes aren't visible, he tend to be more comfort and at ease.

  5. 5 Sunglasses makes a person more secure

    As a person realizes that he is hiding his eyes and in turn emotions he tends to feel more secure around people.

  6. 6 Can make you dishonest

    A study has shown that those who wear sunglasses tend to be more dishonest that other people as they believe they are hiding behind something.

  7. 7 Can make you selfish

    A study has found that people who wear sunglasses tend to be more selfish than other people because they feel that they are hiding behind something and so feel free to do whatever they want.

  8. 8 Can make you feel more attractive

    Because sunglasses are always associated with glamour and celebrities a person can automatically feel more attractive when he puts them on.

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