How Sunglasses affect your mood?

Could Sunglasses Affect Our Mood? Does wearing sunglasses affect your mood?
  1. Sunglasses can make a person more confident

    Sunglasses cover a lot of imperfections on the face because of which people feel more confident after wearing them as it gives them an instant rise in their self-confidence.

  2. Sunglasses can make a person more bold

    Sunglasses can make a person feel bold, as hiding behind something makes a person more assertive, which increases the confidence and makes him bold.

  3. Sunglasses can cause depression

    There is one happiness hormone called serotonin that is released when a person sees sunlight with his eyes. Therefore, when a person wears sunglasses, it blocks the sunlight rays because of which less serotonin is produced, which might cause depression for some people.

  4. Sunglasses can make a person feel relaxed and at ease

    A person feels more relaxed and at ease after wearing sunglasses because it is tough to know someone’s emotions when he is wearing sunglasses. Thus, it makes the person wearing sunglasses more comfortable and relaxed.

  5. Sunglasses makes a person more secure

    When a person wants to hide his emotions when he is around people, wearing sunglasses is the best idea as it makes the person feel more secure around people.

  6. Can make you dishonest

    As per a study, it has been observed that people who wear sunglasses are more prone to be dishonest than others. Because people think that they are hiding behind something and thus they feel comfortable wearing sunglasses.

  7. Can make you selfish

    As per a research, it has been found that people who wear sunglasses are more selfish. The reason behind it is that as they are hiding behind something, thus, they can do whatever they want to. (See 14 Reasons Selfishness is One of the Worst Traits)

  8. It can make you feel more attractive

    Sunglasses are usually linked with glamour and celebrities. Therefore, a person automatically feels more attractive when they wear sunglasses. (See Does wearing glasses make you more attractive?)

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