How strong is a Tiger compared to a Human?

How strong is a Tiger’s Punch? Can a Lion beat a Tiger? Are Tigers unbeatable? Can Tiger swipe kill you? What are the Chances of a Human surviving a Fight against a Tiger?
how strong is a tiger compared to a human

Whenever there’s talk about big cats, it is unimaginable that one doesn’t mention the majestic species i.e., the tigers. These fierce predators have been a major target of hunters for their famous striped skin and have been captured to be kept as pets by the upper section of society as a symbol of status. The mere walk of a tiger can petrify the wits out of someone. One of the most popular members of the world’s charismatic megafauna, tigers have been declared endangered and their numbers continue to dwindle even today. So how strong is a tiger, let’s find out.

1. How strong is a Tiger? How powerful is a Tiger?

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Panthera tigris or better known as tigers are deadly predators belonging to the cat family. Weighing up to 300 kilograms, a male tiger can vary in total length from 98 to 154 inches whereas females are notably smaller in size and weigh up to 1.7 times less than their male counterparts. 

Tigers are excellent swimmers and have very good eyes which track distances and details even at night which makes them powerful ambushers. With a bite force of up to 1000 psi, this apex predator can devastate anything with its brutal bite force. They can leap up to 30 to 33 feet and can chase their prey with an amazing speed of 49 to 65 km/hr. (See Why are some Tigers White?)

2. How strong is a Tiger’s Punch? How strong is a Tiger’s swipe?

The tiger with its humongous size packs a punch second to none in the big cat game and can easily injure any animal or human. A punch from a tiger is enough to kill you or at least break your bones for sure. Apart from their punches they also use tiger swipe as one of their main weapons in the wild. Their paws can grow up to the size of 8 inches × 8 inches and have a swipe force of 10,000 lbs. (See What is the Largest Wolf?)

3. Which big Cat is most Powerful?

How strong is a tiger compared to other big cats? Well, each cat is known for some of its unique features, like a cheetah, its speed is unmatched by none, leopards are known to climb on trees, and lions are strong and they work together to bring down prey. The tigers however come second to none in terms of sheer strength and size. They have powerful jaws, sharp teeth, muscular legs, sharp claws, strong eyesight, and even stronger survival skills. Also, check out why are cats tongue so rough?

4. What animal can beat a Tiger in a Fight?

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There are many animals that can beat this strong predator in their own game of hunting. Indian crested porcupine, water buffalo, Ussuri brown bears, gaur, saltwater crocodile, Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephant, and lion hoards are a few examples of animals who can beat a tiger in a fight and can even kill it.

  • Rhinos are about 10 times as heavy as tigers and can kill a solo tiger in a fight.
  • Crocodiles having a bite force of up to 3700 psi can easily snap a tiger’s head but it is unlikely as tigers have very good vision and would spot an ambush in water. Also, check out how to describe Crocodile?
  • Elephants owing to their massive size and 12000 lbs plus weight more than tigers, can easily stomp tigers to death. (See What Animal has the Longest Pregnancy?)

However, tigers have still managed to kill these animals on many occasions.

5. Will a Tiger beat a Lion?

Which big Cat is most Powerful

Tiger vs lion is a fight that everyone would be curious about but unfortunately, these two animals are situated in different geographical locations. On paper a tiger is much stronger than a lion in terms of size, tigers are almost twice as long and 100 lbs more than a lion. The only factor which might swing the results of the fight the way of the King of the jungle is the fact that lions generally stay in groups, unlike tigers who move in solitude.

In real-life combat stories of lions and tigers, it was the lion who always lost or sustained major injuries. For instance, in the Ankara Zoo incident of 2010, a tiger entered a lion’s exhibit. Their fight was pretty short as with a single swipe the tiger severed the lion’s jugular. Also, check out the 20 largest Zoo in the World.

6. Is Tiger stronger than Bear?

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Grizzly bears and polar bears are the strongest of their species. Both of these magnificent creatures can weigh up to 800 lbs, almost 200 lbs more than tigers on average. One bear is known to have the strength of five humans combined. Bears also have a bite force of around 1000 psi in the same range as the tigers. Therefore, you cannot conclusively say that tigers are stronger than bears as in a fight between the both, one who lands the first strike is most likely to win. (See How Do Porcupines Attack?)

7. Is a Jaguar stronger than a Tiger?

No, a jaguar is not stronger than a tiger. If you go by size and weight, then the tiger dominates the jaguar but the jaguar also has its special qualities. It is said that the jaguar has the most lethal bite of all the big cats with a bite force of up to 2400 psi whereas tigers can only bite with a force of 1000 psi. A jaguar weighs around 200 lbs and can grow up to 6 ft in length whereas a tiger weighs 400 lbs more and is 4ft longer approximately to jaguars. (See 9 Differences between Mule and Donkey)

8. Tiger vs Human Who will win?

If a human ever encounters a tiger, it purely depends on their luck and on the available resources that they might survive. Between the years 1800 and 2009 at least 373,000 people died as a result of tiger attacks. This further makes it quite clear that if a human fights a tiger hands-on there is a high probability that they will add just another number to this statistic. (Also read What Symbolizes Bravery?)

9. How strong is a Tiger compared to a Human?

Tiger and Human

They are the strongest among other felines with a bite force of 1,050 psi. The average strength of human bite force is 162 psi. These muscular creatures have a bite force six times stronger than humans and the fact that you cannot bite anyway doesn’t enhance your chances against this big cat. Tigers are 6 times the average weight of humans and can run up to 65 km/hr whereas even Usain Bolt could only reach a top speed of 44 km/hr. Not only on the ground but tigers are better swimmers than humans, so if you think cats don’t like water and jump in the water to escape, don’t! (Also read Are Humans the only Animals that Sweat?)

10. What are the Chances of a Human surviving a Fight against a Tiger?

The chances of a human surviving a fight against a tiger are pretty slim but they are there. A human cannot outrun, fight or evade the tiger in any way. One would argue that having weapons would maybe increase chances of victory but the only weapon known to work against these lethal killers are guns. Knives, spears, or any other weapons would be of little to no use. Use firearms to scare them always and you can also light up firecrackers as their sound irritates the tigers. In some dire situations, even pepper spray might save you. (See What is the Biggest Thing on Earth?)

If all else fails, if the tiger wants you dead, you might as well accept your fate and how strong is a tiger will not remain a question then. (See 10 Interesting Facts About Sea Lions)

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