How Snapchat Started?

How did Snapchat get started? A Brief History of Snapchat!

  1. 1 Evan Spiegel liked computers

    Evan Spiegel, the founder of snapchat, was very interested in computers. He built his first computer when he was at 6th grade. in 2010 Evan entered Stanford’s product-design program.

  2. 2 Evan was hired to design a new social network

    Evan was hired to design a social network inspired by Google+ but the project didn't find any success. Later he was hired to work on txtWeb, a project that broadcasts information from the web via text messages.

  3. 3 Evan started Future Freshman in 2010

    In 2010 Evan and Murphy, his friend and the first one to recruit him, started Future Freshman, a software to help students manage college admissions but it didn't work.

  4. 4 The idea

    One day one of Evan's friends, Reggie Brown, came into his room to complain about a photo he sent to someone that he shouldn't have sent. They then came up with the idea of making an app that sends disappearing photos.

  5. 5 It first started as a site

    Murphy, brown and Evan created a site that allowed pictures to be sent after a timer ends but then they thought that it would be a much better idea to create a mobile App since there is already a camera on most phones.

  6. 6 The app was rejected by investors

    The app, which was called Picaboo back then, was rejected by many investors. It was launched in 2011 in the Apple IOS store and wasn't by any means successful.

  7. 7 Users approached 1000

    Murphy and Evan plotted to remove Brown and ended up being the only two working on the app. The app name was changed to Snapchat after a company that had the name Picaboo took legal actions. The app was growing very slowly and by fall it reached around 1,000 users.

  8. 8 Snapchat was very appealing to students

    High-school students found Snapchat very interesting since it allowed them to Text each other during class without leaving any evidence that they did. The app usage surged between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

  9. 9 Users started growing as more students embraced the app

    Usage doubled over the holidays as those students received new, faster iPhones, and users surged that December to 2,241. By January it was at 20,000; by April, 100,000.

  10. 10 In 2012 Snapchat got $485,000 million in funding

    As the app started becoming more popular in high schools it got 485,000$ funding from Lightspeed and was valued at more than 4 million dollars. (See Why Snapchat is good for business?)

  11. 11 Snapchat raised 13.5 million

    Snapchat raised another $13.5 million funding round led by a venture capital company called Benchmark.

  12. 12 Mark Zuckerberg attempted to crush Snapchat

    Mark Zuckerberg realized that Snapchat might be a threat so he created an App called Poke and met Evan to tell him about his short term plans of launching a competitive App.

  13. 13 Poke failed then Mark zuckerberg tried to acquire snapchat

    Poke became popular for the first day then a few days later it sled down, while Snapchat got even more popular as the story became public. Mark offered $3 billion for Snapchat but Evan refused to sell.

  14. 14 2014 statistics

    According to Snapchat, in May 2014, the app's users were sending 700 million photos and videos per day, while Snapchat Stories content was being viewed 500 million times per day. (See Why do people like Snapchat?)

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