How Quickly Do Moths Eat Clothes?

What are Moths? Why do Moths eat Clothes? How to Get Rid of Moths Naturally?
How Quickly do Moths eat Clothes?

Moths, for some reason, love sticking to clothes and eating them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we knew how quickly do moths eat clothes, beforehand, in order to prevent further damage? This article will briefly cover all that you need to know about moths from how to get rid of clothes moths naturally, to using the best moth repellent for clothes.

1. What are Moths?

Moths are insects that are generally categorized under the same umbrella as butterflies. They belong to the class Insecta and are in the order Lepidoptera which translates to scaly wings. As their wings are made up of microscopic scales, Moths are believed to have evolved long before butterflies. Their fossils date back to 190 million years

  • Like many insects, they are attracted to fluorescent light with a lament bulb, as their nocturnal abilities are diverted due to the strong light. This is the same reason that they are attracted to flames as it provides them with heat as well.
  • They also have a tendency to be attracted to a certain odor, color & sweat.

2. Why do Moths eat Clothes?

Not all moths eat clothes. There is a specific category of moths known as clothes moths that are attracted to clothes. There are various different kinds of clothes moths as well – some are carpet moths whereas some are pantry moths, some form larvae under the sofa while other moths form their larvae in attics or wardrobes. Keratin is also a major concern for the spread of moths as human hair and skin cells might fall on clothes that might attract moths to form larvae. (See How is Silk made from Silkworm?)

3. How Quickly do Moths eat Clothes?

Answering how quickly do moths eat clothes is difficult, but a weak estimate would be about four to six weeks. The production of larvae is solely dependent on the temperature and the location where the moth chooses to reproduce. This, however, does not mean that a moth will leave the cloth or carpet once the larvae have been produced. They would only do so in case the cloth or carpet has been destroyed and is no longer usable. If even after the process of larvae production, the cloth or carpet is still intact after a month or two, the moth will keep using it. (See Bloodhound – Dog with Best Sense of Smell)

4. How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Naturally?

Getting rid of clothes moths is not an easy task, but we has discussed some time and tested methods below:

  • For starters, keeping the moth-infested clothes out in the sun could turn out to be immensely helpful as moths thrive in damp, humid surroundings.
  • Cedarwood has been recognized as the best moth repellent for clothes. Using cedar blocks where it’s needed can surely help with moth infestations.
  • Mint leaves have also proven to be effective in ridding moths. Mint leaves or a sachet of peppermint can be placed on the top of the clothes to get rid of moths.
  • Lavender, although pleasant to us, repels moths. Dried lavender or cotton balls dipped in essential lavender oils can be placed on clothes and in drawers and closets to rid moths. (Also read How Do You Get Chiggers Out of Your Yard?)

How Quickly do Moths eat Clothes?

5. What are Some Interesting Facts about Moths?

Now that you have learned how quickly do moths eat clothes, it’s time to look at some other interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

  • Moths work as important pollinators as flowers rely on them for pollination.
  • Moths are notoriously known for mimicking other less approachable insects such as tarantulas, and wasps to prevent themselves from being eaten.
  • Many adult moths, specifically Luna moths don’t eat at all. A fully grown Luna moth does not even have a mouth opening. They exist solely to mate and lay eggs.
  • Moths play an important role at the bottom of the food chain as they become food for numerous animals, such as bats.
  • The United States alone is home to 11,000 different species of moths. (See 8 True Bumblebee Flying Facts)

6. How to Prevent Moth Infestations Beforehand?

Learning how quickly do moths eat clothes and why they do so isn’t enough. It is best to take preventive measures beforehand to block moth infestations from happening. Some easy steps include

  • keeping clothes in dry spaces,
  • regularly cleaning closets and wardrobes, and
  • spreading moth repellent where your clothes are kept.

These insects can certainly become a pain to deal with when it comes to infestations, but it is also true that they are one of the most fascinating creatures to observe. Now that we know how quickly do moths eat clothes and how to prevent infestations, discover more about these stunning insects here.

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