How predictability affects marketing?

How Consumer Behaviour is Driven By Predictability? How predictability affects marketing?
  1. Devalues the message and provides early answers

    If people get to know about a twist or suspense, be it a movie or a book, beforehand, the possibility of anticipating the thrill increases immensely. Likewise, predictability has excellent potential to affect the main message.

  2. Mind loves innovation

    The human mind loves innovation and uniqueness. Apart from this, one truth about humans is that their mind can never be fully satisfied even if it encounters excellence.It will start looking for a better replacement option once after they fetch use out of an option. This is why humans get captivated to unique things more than those that are widely available.

  3. TV is adapting through Snapback

    Snapback option is the best in order to get the viewers back to their TV content. The research was conducted, and it was found that more than 50% of the viewers surf the internet while watching TV. Whereas only 10% of the viewers dedicatedly watching the TV content that is being displayed.

  4. Short time to get attention

    It has been analyzed and confirmed that the human attention span is concise, just for 8 seconds. One has to grab the user’s attention within 8 seconds; otherwise, the user will displace their attention. Here, predictability plays a vital role as it could make the user leave disinterested even before those 8 seconds timeframe. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  5. Keeps the message fresh

    It is imperative to ensure that the message you deliver to the audience is innovative and original, whether it is TV ad, newspaper ad, presentation, radio ad, we ad, website, Facebook, or Instagram status. One has to go the extra mile to grab the attention of users and boosting sales of your products or services.

  6. Game of Thrones Example

    Unlike many other TV series, Game of Thrones was a highly unpredictable show. Many series of events happening with their main characters were utterly unpredictable. This excitement and curiosity were raised amongst audiences that enticed viewers worldwide to stick to their screen and watch this epic series till it’s ending.

  7. Google Doodle example

    Google keeps on changing its font and design of the main page. They always try to add something new and creative that brings more interest to audiences towards it. You might be thinking; Google is a renowned platform, so they would still be the top-notch search engine even if they do not add or make any changes. However, they believe that breaking the monotony is essential, and to sustain their brand value, one has to make constant changes.

  8. Variations in reading patterns to stimulate the reader

    In order to intrigue readers and keeping them engaged while they are reading a novel or a book, it is imperative to break the text into smaller paragraphs, smaller sentences, distinctive font colors, different font sizes, adding alluring images, etc. All these things behold the reader’s attention. (See Why marketing research can give inaccurate results?)

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