How old is Barbie?

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  1. About Barbie

    Who does not know about a Barbie doll? Like other toys, most kids prefer owning a Barbie doll because of its charm and beauty. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she is named after the name of Mattel’s co-founder Ruth and Elliot Handlers’ daughter.

  2. How old is Barbie?

    Barbie was born on March 9, 1959, and she still looks fit and amazing as always. Its looks have been changed constantly as in the 60s she seemed like the fit to be the first lady of U.S. In the 70s and 80s, her face grew round and friendlier as she has a smiling face in it. Her lips became pink in the 90s and 00s, and her face is made less round again.

  3. When was Barbie launched?

    It was established in 1959 by American Businesswoman Ruth Handler. She said that she had a German doll called Bild Lillias when she was a kid, and it became her inspiration. Their company has sold billions of Barbie dolls to date and became one of the most profitable companies in this sector.

  4. What was the idea behind creating Barbie?

    In old times, dolls were made to look like babies so that kids could pretend and take care of them. But the Barbie doll was created as a young figure so that kids could imagine their future and what they want when they grow up. This doll represented the fact that women have choices, and they can be whatever this wish.

  5. Success

    This doll broke a lot of records and was a huge success. It got so much love that its owner could not even imagine. They sold 3,00,000 dolls during the first year of its production and is still an icon. Although Barbie has turned 61 now still its sale is not affected. They have sold more than 800 million Barbie dolls globally.

  6. Other characters

    Apart from Barbie, there are various other characters attached to it which also became very popular. Some of the most renowned ones are Ken, his boyfriend. He has been the best boyfriend globally; he might not be perfect but wishes to be the ideal guy for Barbie.

    Another famous character is Midge; she is the real best friend of Barbie from Willows. Next is her sister Skipper; she also is the real sister of Barbie. Other famous characters are Summer, Stacie, Nikki, Teresa, Ryan, Raquelle and Chelsea.

  7. Fun facts

    Barbie is the most famous fashion doll ever produced in the U.S. A Barbie dollhouse is sold every two minutes, and it was first launched in 1962. It is sold in over 150 countries and has products in over 45 categories. It has become the number one girl’s brand on YouTube as it has more than 5 million subscribers.

  8. Icon

    You might get surprised after listening to this, and there are around 100 people who create a Barbie doll. Various fashion designers, makeup artists, and other people are involved in making a Barbie doll. This doll has become a role model for kids of 6 to adults above 90. A song named Barbie girl also became really famous and topped the charts in the year 1997.

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