How Much is the Membership at Snap Fitness?

How much is a snap membership? What are some ways to get a Reduced Rate?
How Much is the Membership at Snap Fitness?
  1. What is Snap Fitness?

    Snap Fitness is a privately owned health and fitness club founded in 2003 by Peter Taunton. The headquarters of Snap Fitness is located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States. It is considered one of the best gyms dedicated to providing high-yielding results to the members through 24×7 access to the intense training programme.

  2. Does Snap Fitness allow a free trial?

    Yes, it allows its customers to access a 30 day trial for free of cost.

  3. How does Snap Fitness work, and what are the costs of their membership?

    Snap fitness charges a one-time program fee of $49, although its standard fee is $129. Once you pay for the membership and one-time program fee, you will get an access card providing you with 24×7 access to all Snap Fitness locations.

    Note: The subscription fee may also vary from location to location. If you want to know the exact subscription fee, you need to contact your local club or find a Gym page and enter your zip code to search for your location. It will also ask you the type of membership you would want to opt for and, accordingly, display the pricing.

  4. What all equipment does Snap Fitness includes?

    Snap Fitness not merely provides you with a spotless and safe environment but also help you reach your fitness goals. Its branches are packed with an extensive range of equipment that includes elliptical machines, indoor bikes, treadmills, rowers, steppers, free weights, home gyms, etc. The fitness club is open 24×7, all days a week, for your convenience.

  5. What are tanning beds? Does snap fitness offer tanning beds to its customers?

    Tanning beds are the machines used to produce an artificial tan by emitting UV radiations with bulb and UV lamps. These beds primarily help you darken your skin tone and are predominantly used by people with an extremely fair skin tone.  A few of the branches, depending upon the place where it is located, offer tanning beds for their members. For availing of this service, they charge $15 per month.

  6. Can we cancel the membership of Snap Fitness?

    To cancel your existing membership, you need to contact the club staff. They will assist you in facilitating the cancellation process. You can call, email or walk-in during working hours.

  7. Does Snap Fitness offer Corporate Wellness Programme?

    Corporate wellness is a great motivation program that encourages employees to prioritize fitness. Primarily, this program helps in demonstrating to your employees that you are invested in their overall physical and mental well-being. This will ensure the employee’s good health and satisfaction.

  8. Which gym is better; Anytime fitness or Snap fitness?

    The choice may vary from person to person/ location to location. In some countries, people are more inclined towards Snap Fitness, whereas Anytime fitness is preferred over Snap fitness in other countries.

    The significant difference between gyms is their amenities, including their equipment, locker room, fitness classes, and total gym space. Considering all aspects, people might prefer Snap Fitness over Anytime Fitness.

  9. Services offered by Snap Fitness

    • Contemporary club design
    • MyFit workouts
    • 24×7 intensity training
    • Heart Rate Monitoring
    • Personal Training and Customized Fitness plans
    • Functional, Strength, Cardio, and Group Training options
  10. Types of Memberships offered by Snap Fitness

    1. Individual Memberships

    If you opt for paying monthly in individual memberships, it will cost you $34.95. While paying for 6 months in advance for this membership will help you get 1-month services from Snap Fitness entirely free of cost.

    2. Dual Memberships

    This membership is even better than individual memberships as it will help you save a lot of money. If you have a friend, partner, or anyone looking to get in fit just like you and buy the monthly membership, it will cost you $59.95. However, it will be even better if you choose to pay for 6 months, which will cost you $299.50.

    3. Family Membership

    This membership is insane. You can save a considerable amount of money if you have a family or a couple of acquaintances (4 persons) looking to join this impeccable fitness club.
    One time fee for this option will cost you $99.99 and includes a free coaching session, account, and global access card. The monthly membership costs only $74.95, whereas 6 months advance payment will reduce it to $374.75.

  11. The Dual and Family memberships will ensure

    Your hard-earned money is saved. However, you can save money even by opting for Individual memberships but only when you are paying in advance for six months.

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