How much does Earth Cost?

Can you buy a Star? How much is 1 Acre on the Moon? What is the Cheapest Planet to buy? Who would you pay to buy the Earth? Who owns the Earth?
how much does earth cost

The planet Earth and life on it are believed to have appeared billions of years ago. Our Earth has many but finite resources to support the lives of its inhabitants. So, do you think, its worth can be calculated on the basis of its natural resources? Have you heard anyone wondering about such things and are ready for the cheapest planet to buy? Can you buy the planet Earth? Continue reading to know how much does earth cost and can you buy the Moon or not.

1. Can you buy a Star?

No, you can’t buy a star. There are many companies that may claim to sell and purchase. But you cannot buy any star because the scientific community does not recognize it. Some enterprises give you opportunities to name a star, but these names aren’t recognized by the International Astronomical Union, headquartered in Paris, France. The enterprise also provides you with a certificate after naming a star but doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day. (See What are Geologic Features?)

2. Can you buy the Moon?

No, it is illegal to buy land on Moon. Moon is a public property for the goodness of humanity. However, it cannot be owned by any public or private enterprise or individual. According to the Outer Space Treaty, it is illegal for an individual to buy lunar land. Though, some loopholes in the treaty can provide you with a way to purchase land on Moon. But, you cannot claim that land as yours.

3. How much is 1 Acre on the Moon?

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Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

It has been noted that many people are interested in buying land in space. But it is neither possible nor legal. The lunar land costs US $37.50/acre (Rs. 1758.75). If you are wondering, how much does earth cost, read till the end. (See How many times Bigger is Earth than the Moon?)

4. Is selling Moon Rocks Illegal?

Yes. Many people are interested in collecting unique artifacts and items. But, many people are interested in buying the rocks of the Moon. You can only sell something which belongs to you. Moon is not private property. So, the rocks on the Moon can’t be sold because it does not belong to an individual. (See What are the Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks?)

5. Can you buy a Planet?

No, International Law doesn’t permit to claim of any planet as private property. It is illegal to buy any planetary body or anything which is for the sake of humanity. So, you cannot buy a planet. People claim to have bought a piece of land or a star, but the governments and the scientific communities do not legally recognize these. (See Where does Earth End and Outer Space Begin?)

6. Who do you pay to buy a Planet?

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 states that individuals cannot claim any public property. But Article six of the treaty states that the states must supervise their citizens’ actions. So, buying and selling a planet is not possible, at least for now. (See What is the Manufactured Home Installation Cost?)

7. What is the Cheapest Planet to buy?

It is not about the cost of the planet but the restrictions or treaty which states that an individual can’t own any such thing. So, you cannot buy any planet in space. On calculating a planet’s worth according to its available resources, Venus is the cheapest planet to buy, worth less than $1 in 2022. However, there won’t be any legal recognition of the claims made over buying and selling of lands on Venus. (See How many Solar Systems are there in Universe?)

8. Can you buy or sell the Earth? Can someone buy the Earth?

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

No, it is illegal to buy or sell the complete planet Earth. It is against the fundamental rights of the inhabitants of Earth if someone is making such claims. Earth is believed to be the only planet with life on it. The blue-green planet sustains the life of billions of human population and other living beings. So there is no point in asking how much does Earth cost. Also, check out what is the total cost to summit Mt Everest?

9. Who would you pay to buy the Earth? Who owns the Earth?

Planet Earth cannot be bought or sold because it is public property. It doesn’t belong to any individual or a particular group. So, no one could be called the owner of the planet Earth. It is not possible, at least till now, to buy the whole planet. Moreover, no one should be given such a right. (See Who Named Our Planet Earth?)

10. What is the Value of Earth? How much does Earth cost?

The planet Earth offers a lot of resources and conditions for survival. The natural resources have millions of worth ranging from air, mountains, rivers, and everything which offers living conditions. On calculating the worth of planet Earth, it is a total of 3 lakh 76 thousand 258 trillion in Indian rupees. Even after knowing, how much does earth cost, you cannot buy the planet Earth. Because buying a planet by an individual will hamper the fundamental rights and is totally against the law. (See What does k stand for in Money?)

11. Can I buy Land on Mars?

Mars : how much does earth cost 1
Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

No, the registration for the land on Mars doesn’t guarantee any title or ownership. It is not legal to buy land on any celestial body. Claiming land or its buying and selling is not even considered in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. (See What is the Third Planet closest to the Sun?)

12. How much does Mars cost? How much is an Acre on Mars?

After knowing how much does Earth cost, you might ask about Mars. Every planet has its own resources. The resource defines and decides the worth of the planet. It is quite hard to calculate the utility value of a planet. An acre of land on Mars costs almost $29.99, though this information would not be of much use to you. Also, check out how much is 6 Million Pennies?

13. How much does the Sun cost?

Our solar system has a single star, Sun. It is the source of light and heat energy. The amount of energy it transfers is worth trillions, but the exact amount cannot be calculated. It is difficult to measure the exact worth of such a giant body like the Sun. But a rough idea of the estimated cost of Sun is $3000 billion. (See How many Suns are in the Universe?)

14. How much does the Universe cost?

Universe: how much does earth cost 6

The universe is the largest known unit that has been discovered. It contains galaxies, solar systems, planets, and stars. It contains the resources all around. It is estimated that the cost of the universe is $60 septillion. (See How Much Money Do Banks Hold?)

So, it is established that knowing about the cheapest planet to buy and how much does Earth cost will not do any good to anyone as the amount can only be estimated. Moreover, if someone asks, can you buy the Moon or not, the answer will be the same. This is because it is not a valid and legal question to wonder about. (Also read How much does a Dollar Weigh?)

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