How much does a Maaco paint job cost?

Is a Maaco paint job worth it? The cost of a single-coat enamel paint job ranges from around $300-$900.
How much does a Maaco paint job cost?
  1. What is Maaco paint?

    It is a nationwide chain of auto paint and collision services. They are also famous as a chain of providing low-cost painting job globally. They provide benefits than any other body shops plus they have experience of more than 40 years.

  2. 2Why people prefer Maaco over others?

    The best thing about them is firstly they are cost-efficient plus they offer driver easy and reliable services. They transform the car in the way you would wish and start loving it even more. What people admire the most about them is that you get back what you pay. Because of all such reasons, Maaco is the name that comes to mind when people think of giving their car a new look.

  3. What about the quality of the paint?

    The fact is that their quality of service is exceptional. They have a varying price range, and it totally depends on what the person prefers. The price goes up as per the time and material used to paint the car properly. Hence, the quality would depend on the price you pay.

  4. How much do they charge to paint a car?

    The charge can be higher if you plan to assemble and disassemble. If you wish to paint or get some dent repair done, then the prices are affordable. The simple scrape and spray start from $300; it is one of the cheapest ones you can get. (See What is a ricer car?)

  5. Costs

    The cost of a single-coat enamel paint job ranges from around $300-$900. However, if you plan to opt for a mid-level paint job with a better quality paint job and some additional work like removing specks of dust and dents would cost you from $1000 to $3500. If you opt for a higher-quality paint job, it would cost you around $2400-$7500.

  6. Few things that might increase cost

    Various other factors might increase the price, such as the type of insurance coverage that might raise or decrease your cost because if you have a fair amount of insurance, then the painting work can be done at a reasonable price. Plus, if you desire to get some additional job done like sanding and buffing, then your bill might shoot up to around $1500.

  7. Benefits of using their painting service

    People who have used their service state that the services they offer are best for full-body touch-ups and accidental replacements. In fact, there are times when they give amazing offers and deals in which some of their services just cost $99 to $149.

  8. Specialized Painting

    It offers numerous car services, but they are one of the specialists in the field of painting. You would find various types of paint in their catalogue, plus they also render their customers with an option of custom colour mixing. Maaco also has special paints to choose from, such as metallic and many more.

  9. Things to know

    Before you make your mind to get the paint job done at Maaco, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Firstly, you should have enough money as the basic painting begins from $300, plus it is essential to get the prep work done as it allows the paint to stay longer. Secondly, painting takes three days with Maaco, which means that you will be without your car for 3-4 days.

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