How many valence electrons does oxygen have?

What is the number of valence electrons in oxygen? Oxygen has 6 valence electrons, two in the 2s subshell and four in the 2p subshell.

  1. 1 What are valence electrons?

    The outermost shell or energy level of an atom consists of valence electrons. The potential of an atom to make a bond with the atom of another element is defined as valency. It is mainly the measure of the quantity of Hydrogen atoms an element can relocate or form the bond with. Thus, valance electrons depict the most ideal bonding patterns for a component.

  2. 2 How many valence electrons does oxygen possess?

    Oxygen has eight valence electrons which means that it comes under group 6 of the periodic table:

    Hence, it has 2 electrons situated in the first shell, and it gets full as it has the maximum capacity of holding 2 electrons. Then the two other shells are located in the 2s subshell, and it also gets full as this shell too has a maximum capacity of holding 2 electrons. The remaining 4 electrons go in the subshell 2p. But, this shell has a capacity of holding 6 electrons; thus, it has a possibility of adding 2 more to it.

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