How Many Times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier?

What were Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali’s Relationships like? How many Times did Frazier and Ali fight? Who won the First Fight? Did Ali and Frazier fight 3 Times?
how many times did muhammad ali fight joe frazier
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Muhammad Ali was a very famous sports personality, a prominent social activist, and an American boxer during the 20th century. He is known for being the first fighter to win the World Heavyweight Championship on three separate occasions. He has also successfully defended this esteemed title 19 times. He has fought opponents like Tunney Hunsaker, Herb Siler, Tony Esperti, Donnie Fleeman, etc. Although Ali had many opponents and famous fights, the Ali vs Frazier fight stands out the most. Have you watched this fight, did Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier only happen once, and how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier? Let’s go through the amazing facts about Ali vs Frazier in this article.

1. What was Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali Relationship Like?

Muhammad Ali had quite a controversial life. When he was 25, he was stripped of his boxing license because he refused to join in the Vietnam War. During his absence, Frazier won the Heavyweight Summit title, which earlier belonged to Ali. Ali refused to accept Frazier as a true champion and wanted to fight with him to decide who was the true champion. Frazier accepted the fight offer, and after that, they began building a great relationship as well as friendship. Joe even helped Ali regain his license.

During the actual fight, Ali insulted Frazier brutally. He insults Frazier as Uncle tom-servile to white people, ugly, gorilla, etc. These insults were heinous for a black man like Frazier. Ali even accused Frazier of betraying his people. Due to these accusations, Frazier and his family were tormented and bullied. Frazier accused Ali of betraying their friendship.

This incident flamed the greatest sports rivalry of all time. In the next segments, you will read how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier. (See Why do some people discriminate against blacks?)

2. Why Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier got into a Fight in a TV Studio?

The studio brawl is among the best-remembered studio fights to date. Ali and Frazier were going to hold a rematch on January 28th, 1974. Before the match, both attended the Dick Cavett Show, which aired on ABC. During this show, Ali deliberately insulted Joe. He demeaned Joe’s accomplishments as a professional fighter and belittled him in every possible way. Frazier was seething after this but said he would give his reply in the ring.

After this incident, Frazier also vowed not to interact with Ali before the match. But he had to break this vow as he was obligated to attend the Wide World Sports Show the Saturday afternoon before the fight. He and Ali were to watch the replay of their first fight. While watching the replay, Ali called Joe ignorant. Joe was enraged and asked the reason for the same. At this, Ali’s younger brother also walked toward Joe. Joe asked him if his younger brother was in this too. Enraged Ali insulted Joe by branding him a quick Joe. Ali grabbed Joe around the neck while also pulling him down to the floor.

Both the fighters were then separated. Also, check out why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up?

3. Did Ali and Frazier ever Reconcile?

Ali on many occasions tried to apologize to Joe and said that whatever he said was just to promote Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier’s fight. Joe never wanted any part of this apology. Even after accepting that he forgave Ali, he didn’t stop taking subtle digs at Ali. Before Frazier’s death in 2011, both the rivals were never fully reconciled, though Ali attended Frazier’s funeral to applaud his long-time nemesis for the last time. After knowing all these things about both these fighters, let’s see how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier. (See Why do people fight?)

4. How many Times did Frazier and Ali fight? How many Times did Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali box each other?

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought a total of 3 times:

  • the first fight happened in 1971,
  • the second one happened in 1974,
  • the third & final fight was held in 1975.

As you are aware of how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier, let’s learn about all three fights in detail and see who among the two won in which one. Must read what is mixed martial arts?

5. Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier: Who won the First Fight?

how many times did muhammad ali fight joe frazier 3
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The first match between Joe and Ali was held in Madison Square Garden on March 8th, 1971. During the 15th round of this fight, Frazier landed a left hook on Ali. This move sent Ali to the canvas and he tasted the first defeat of his pro career. With a unanimous decision, the unbeaten Frazier won this fight. Now you know how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier and their first fight, let’s see what happened in their second fight and who won. (See What is the Best Martial Art?)

6. Who won the Second Fight between Ali and Frazier?

The second fight of Ali vs Frazier happened on January 28, 1974. When this time both the fighters came face to face, they weren’t their old selves; they were ex-champions plus older and slower. Ali refused to repeat his first fight mistakes during this match. His moves and fluidity were better. He had a busy offense. He used flash attacks of hooks and uppercuts. But Joe was unable to sustain his attacks. He couldn’t seize control of this fight like the first one, and Ali ultimately won the second fight. (Also read How many Rings does Tom Brady have?)

7. Did Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier in their Third Fight?

The Ali vs Frazier third match happened on October 1, 1975. The fight is popularly known as The Thrilla In Manila. This fight went for 14 vicious rounds. According to official reports, Ali won this fight by TKO. This bout was the concluding chapter of the greatest boxing rivalry in history. 

8. What was Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier’s Record against each other?

Besides answering how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier, note that Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were both great boxing legends. Ali held the title of World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in the years 1964, 1967, and 1974. Joe, on the other hand, held this title once in 1970. Here is a table of Joe Vs Frazier’s records. (See How many games are there in the NBA regular season?)

Comparison elements Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier
Total Fights 61 37
Wins 56 32
Losses 5 4
Draws 0 1
Wins by KO 37 27
No of Contests 0 0

9. How many Times did Muhammad Ali Lose in His Career?

how many times did muhammad ali fight joe frazier 4
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The answer to how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier is discussed above in full detail. Now let’s read about the number of times Ali has faced defeat in his boxing career. In his boxing career, Ali fought a total of 61 fights and lost only 5 of them. He lost to these five men-

10. Ali vs Frazier I Statistics

These are Ali vs Frazier statistics when they entered their first match in 1971-

Comparison Points Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier
Age 29 27
Height 6’3 5’11 ½
Weight 215 lbs 205 ½ lbs
Current Title None World/WBA/WBC Heavyweight (1970-Present, 1 Defense)
Previous Title World/WBC Heavyweight (1964-70, 9 Defenses); WBA Heavyweight (1964; 1967, 2 Defenses) NYSAC Heavyweight (1968-70, 5 Defenses)
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Hails From Louisville, Kentucky Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Record 31-0, 25 KO 26-0, 23 KO
Record In Major Title Fights 10-0, 8 KO 7-0, 6 KO
Last Five Opponents 263-26-10 (.896) 165-16-4 (.903)

11. Ali vs Frazier II Statistics

Mummmad Ali won the second fight with Joe Frazier. The statistics of Ali vs Frazier before the second match are as follows-

Comparison Points Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier
Age 32 29
Weight 215 lbs 208 lbs
Height 6 ft 3 inch 5 ft 11 ¼ inch
Reach 82 inch 73 ½ inch
Chest Normal 42 inch 44 inch
Chest Expanded 44 inch 45 ½ inch
Waist 34 inch 33 inch
Biceps 16 ½ inch 15 inch
Thigh 25 inch 24 ½ inch
Calf 17 inch 16 inch
Fist 12 inch 13 inch

12. Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier III Statistics

The statistics of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in the third fight are as follows-

Comparison Points Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier
Age 33 31
Est. Punching Power 71 78
Est. Past Opponents Punch Resistance 71 67.1
Est. Ability to take a punch 89 83
Est. Past Opponents Power 66.5 62.5
Average Winning Round 8.1 5.3
Average Losing Round 13.5 7
Rounds Boxed 414 183
Past Opponents Total Fight Count 2160 1100
Round KO 8.21 14.75
Been Stopped 0 1
Opponents Stopped 34 27
Been KO’D Percentage 0 2.94
Been KO’D Round percentage 0 0.55
Average Weight 203.38 203.05
Average Last 5 Weight 220.6 209.76

13. Who did Ali fight 3 Times? Did Ali and Frazier fight 3 times?

how many times did muhammad ali fight joe frazier

How many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier? Ali fought with Joe Frazier three times. The first fight happened in 1971, and he lost that fight. The second fight happened in 1974, and the last one happened in 1975. He won these two fights. 

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier had not just one of the best rivalries in boxing history, but also in sports history. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier will be inextricably connected, for better or worse. Hope you got all your answers to how many times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier and all about Ali vs Frazier or Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier fights. (Also read Who is the most Famous Person in the World?)

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