How many ounces of water are in a 2-litre bottle?

How many ounces of water are in a 2-litre bottle?
  1. Measuring volume

    Volume is a measurement that determines how much space an object takes. On the other hand, capacity measures how much liquid a vessel can carry when it is full. Let us understand this by example if you have a bottle of juice which is 500 ml, but the liquid in it is 300 ml. In this case, the bottle’s capacity if 500ml and the volume of water inside it is 300ml.

  2. What is a litre?

    The symbol of a litre is l, and it is a unit of volume accepted for use by Si, but technically it is not a SI unit. A litre is a metric system of volume unit. One litre = 1 cubic decimeter, 1000 cubic centimetres and 33.8140226 US fluid ounces.

  3. Usage of litre

    This measuring unit is used in various fields. It is used to measure liquid units and is also used to label the containers that comprise said liquids. A litre is also used for measuring few non-liquid volumes like the size of car trunks, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, etc., plus it is also used for determining fuel volumes and prices.

  4. What is a fluid ounce?

    It is a unit of volume in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. US fluid ounce = 1/16 of a US fluid pint and 1/128 of a US liquid gallon equal to 29.57 ml.

  5. Usage of the fluid ounce

    The fluid ounce is used as a measure of liquid volume. It is normally used in the US and UK as one of the many measurements of mass used.

  6. 6How many ounces of water are in a 2-litre bottle?

    A standard 1-litre bottle comprises 33.814 fluid ounces of liquid; hence 2-litre bottle comprises 67.6 fluid ounces of liquid. This calculation is apt if you are using 8-ounce cups, which mean you would have 8.45 glasses of liquid in the 2-litre bottle. (See What is 1/3 of 1/3?)

  7. How to convert litres to fluid ounces?

    As mentioned above that 1 litre is equals 33.841 US fluid ounces; hence for converting liquids to fluid oz, you need to multiply the litre value by 33.814. Let us understand this by an example,

    If you want to calculate 3 litres of water into fluid ounces, then multiply 3* 33.814, making 101.442.

    Its formula is:
    Fluid ounce = liter *33.8140226

  8. How many water bottles are there in a litre?

    For finding out how many water bottles sized in oz can fit in litres, you require to multiply the number of litres by 33.8140226 and divide by the size of the water bottle in US fluid ounces. Therefore the formula is-

    No. of water bottles= litre*33.8140226/size of the water bottle in fluid ounces.

  9. Conversion table

    Here is the conversion table for you so that it becomes easier for you to understand and remember the correct conversion-

    0.01 L, l
    Fluid Ounce (US) [fl Oz (US)] Liter [L, L] 0.1 L, l
    454037 fl oz (US)

    0.338140227 fl oz (US)
    3.3814022702 fl oz (US)

    1 L, l

    33.8140227018 fl oz (US)

    2 L, l


    3 L, l


    681055 fl oz

    5 L, l


    35092 fl oz

    10 L, l


    338.1402270184 fl oz

    20 L, l

    676.2804540369 fl oz (US)

    50 L, l

    1690.7011350922 fl oz (US)

    100 L, l

    3381.4022701843 fl oz (US)

    1000 L, l

    33814.022701843 fl oz (US)

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