How many games are there in the NBA regular season?

How many games are in a regular season of the NBA? How many games are in the NBA Playoffs
How many games are there in the NBA regular season?
  1. Who initiated the NBA schedule?

    Matt Winick was the then the Senior Vice President of scheduling and game operations. He is the one who has scheduled more than 20 seasons of NBA. He explained how tough it is to schedule the games, and it takes weeks to set the games for one season. They also have to ensure a competitive balance and reduction of costs.

  2. NBA scheduling formula

    There are certain games that a team has to play to qualify to the next level and play a fixed number of games. So here is the formula:

    • They have to play 4 games against the other 4 division opponents; this makes the total count 4*4 = 16
    • There would be 4 games toward 6 out of division conference opponents. This makes 4*6 = 24 games.
    • After that, there would be 3 games with the remaining 4 conference teams, which makes 3*4 = 12 games.
    • Then there would be two games with the teams in the opposing conference, hence 2*15 = 30
    • After a five year circle, it is decided which out of state conference teams would play thrice.
  3. Court Availability

    The next important thing to plan is the availability of the court. One month prior, before the end of the preceding regular season, they have to provide the NBA office with a list of 50 dates when the court would be free, in which there should be 4 Mondays and 4 Thursdays. Games are not played on Christmas Eve when there are an all-star game and NCAA championship game.

  4. Number of games in an NBA season

    1)One NBA season comprises of four phases:

    • Pre-season- This is just for practice games
    • Regular- In the regular season, every team has to perform a total of 82 games. In this season, they play 41 games at home and 41 away. Their schedule is made so that every team gets a chance to play with each team in the league at least once at home and one time on the road. During the regular season, there are around 1230 games in total in all the teams.
    • Playoffs- There are four rounds in the playoffs, and every group has the probability of playing 7 games. Hence one team might play another 28 games in the playoffs.
    • All-Star Game- There is only 1 all-star game in the midst of the regular season.
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