How many different religions are there in the World?

List of religions and spiritual traditions in the World | As per Adherents, there are roughly 4300 religions Globally
How many different religions are there in the World?
  1. Count of religions

    As per history, there are thousands of human-made religions all around the world. All of them were created for selfish reasons as some people wanted to rule and acquire wealth; for this, they created religions. It is said that 5000 years ago, there was just 1 country; there was no religion, caste, gods, prayers, courts, doctors, etc. This place was called heaven.

  2. How did religions start forming?

    It is said that when humans began committing sins after many rebirths, then this place became hell. The world began to divide into boundaries, communities, and religions. Because of the greed for power and money, they lost their happiness; this trend still exists.

  3. How many different religions are there in the world?

    As per Adherents, an independent and non-religiously affiliate organization that monitors the count and size of the world’s religions, there are 4300 religions globally.

  4. Types of followers

    There are several types of religions in which people believe and worship. Let us know about their classifications-

    • Polytheism- In this, people believe and worship multiple gods.
    • Monotheism- People who are monotheism worship just one God, for example, either Christianity, Hinduism, etc.
    • Atheism- These are the people who do not believe inGodd or do not do idol worship.
    • Animism- They believe in innumerable spiritual beings connected with human affairs and can help or harm human interests.
    • Totemism- These are people who have a mystical relationship with a spirit being like animals or plants.
  5. Types of religions

    As mentioned above, there are around 4300 religions, but some of them are famous, and majorly the population comes under these religions. Some of them are stated below:

  6. Christianity

    As per the study, Christianity covers the world’s significant population, which is 31.5%. It is a monotheistic religion that is centred around the personage of Jesus Christ. It teaches that Jesus is the son of God and the Messiah. Despite persecution, Christianity became the state religion of Roman Empires and all of its inheritors.

  7. Islam

    It is the second-largest religion in the world and the spiritual identity for the world’s 24% population. It is too strictly a monotheistic religion founded by Prophet Muhammad in 600 CE, the present-day in Saudi Arabia. They teach that Allah is the only God, and their holy book is the Quran. The Islamic legal code and the Quran, known as Sharia, tell about every aspect of life from worshipping to family ethics and business dealings.

  8. Hinduism

    It holds 15% of the population, which means there are around 1 billion Hindus globally. Hinduism is said to be the oldest religion in the world has its origin in Vedic beliefs date back from 1500 BCE. During this period, civilization transformed from tribal and rural living into settled and agricultural living.

  9. Buddhists

    This religion was founded by Gautama Buddha in the early 400BCE, opposing numerous Vedic traditions that inform Hinduism. It is said to be both a religion and a philosophy. Gautama Buddha lived and preached in the eastern part of ancient India, and his teachings proliferated widely in Asia and centuries followed it and are still following.

  10. Judaism

    It has around 14.3 million adherents, which is about 0.2% of the world’s population. This religion started with Abraham’s figures; he was a man living in the land of Canaan. He was the first prophet of Judaism, and the religion of this faith is based upon a conversation between God and Abraham. Judaism originated in the Middle East around 500BCE.

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