How Many Countries Share a Border with Germany?

Which Country has Longest Border with Germany? Does Germany share a border with Italy? Does Netherlands border Germany?
how many countries share a border with Germany

Germany ranks third among the countries that share its border with most other countries. But do you know how many countries share a border with Germany and what countries border Germany? Let’s find below what countries border France and Germany in detail in this article.

1. Where is Germany? What is the Capital of Germany?

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Germany is the 7th largest country in Central Europe. It has a varying topography from south to north, represented in the physical map of Germany. It is located between the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres of the earth. Germany has 16 states with a total area of 3,57,022 square kilometers. It has the second-largest population in Europe.

The capital of Germany is Berlin, the largest city in Germany and has the largest population in the EU. (See What does State Province Mean?)

2. Discuss the Geography of Germany in Brief

Germany is located in Europe with a total area of 1,37,846 square miles which is 3,57,022 square kilometers. The water covers an area of 324 square miles which is 8350 square kilometers while the land boundaries are 2355 miles which are 3790 km. The land is irrigated up to 1991 square miles, 5157 square kilometers.

The coastline extends up to 1484 miles which are 2389 km. The highest point is located at 2963 m, Zugspitze, and the lowest point is at −4 m, Neuendorf bei wilster. The geographical coordinates of Germany are 51.1657° N and 10.4515° E. Natural gas, iron, coal, copper, uranium, nickel, potash, timber, and salt are the natural resources found in Germany. The time is 6 hours ahead of Washington, which is UTC + 1. Also, check out What is Washington DC Time Zone Right Now?

3. Which European Country has the Most Borders?

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Russia is the European country with the most borders. Russia borders 14 countries, including Georgia, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and Latvia. The longest border of 1196 miles is with Ukraine. China, North Korea, Mongolia, and Azerbaijan are the Asian countries that border Russia, whereas Kazakhstan shares the longest border of 4668 miles. (See What is a Relic Boundary?)

4. How many Countries share a Border with Germany?

If Russia has the most number of countries sharing the border, how many countries share a border with Germany? It is found that Germany shares the border with only 9 countries, but Russia shares the border with 14 countries. Germany shares the border with nine countries in Europe and ranks third in the most bordering countries of Europe.

5. What 9 Countries border Germany? Which Countries Border Germany?

After knowing how many countries share a border with Germany, you might wonder what countries border Germany. Below is the given list of countries bordering Germany:

  • Austria shares a border of 506 miles with Germany.
  • The Czech Republic shares a border of 437 miles with Germany.
  • Luxembourg shares a border of 86 miles with Germany.
  • Poland shares a border of 290 miles with Germany.
  • Belgium shares a border of 85 miles with Germany.
  • The Netherlands shares a border of 350 miles with Germany.
  • France shares a border of 280 miles with Germany.
  • Denmark shares a border of 86 miles with Germany.
  • Switzerland shares a border of 216 miles with Germany.

6. What Oceans border Germany?

Germany borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea between the Netherlands and Poland. The coastline has a length of 2389 km. These two seas are an extension of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, check out the 30 Largest Coastal Cities in the World.

7. Discuss Map of Germany in Europe

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The German map of Europe mentions that Germany has an area of 3,57,022 square kilometers, making it the 7th largest country. The size of France is more than 2/3rd of Germany’s. One of what countries border France includes Germany, with a border of 20 miles. Berlin is the capital with a 3.3 million population. The total population is 832 million approx of Germany.

The map shows that the European Union’s largest economy is Germany, and it is also the technical leader and major political power. It contributes the largest to the European Union budget and the UN at 8%. Germany was partitioned with the iron curtain during the Cold War. Thus, it became the east-west tensions symbol. (See Why is Europe called the Peninsula of Peninsulas?)

8. Which Country has Longest Border with Germany?

Out of what countries border Germany, Austria shares the longest border with Germany, which is 506 miles in length. This was recognized in a treaty of 1972 formally. This body stretches from the East, following the Danube and Inn rivers. The only lake found is Lake Constance. You can also find the Alps and Alpine foothills with rivers including Leiblach, Saalach, and Salzach. The Austrian states along the border are Tirol, Vorarlberg, Salzburg, and Oberosterreich, while the only single German state situated along the border is Bavaria. (See What is a Superimposed Boundary?)

9. Does Germany share a Border with Italy? Does Netherlands border Germany?

No, Italy does not share a border with Germany despite being Germany’s ally in the second world war. The Peace Treaty of 1947 did not modify the border. If Italy does not border with Germany, then how many countries share a border with Germany? Nine countries share their border with Germany.

Yes, the Netherlands shares a border of 577 km with Germany. (See Which is a better place to move to Sweden or the Netherlands?)

10. How many Countries border France? What Countries border France?

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After knowing how many countries share a border with Germany, you might ask about countries bordering France. There are eight countries that border France: Andorra, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. (See 16 Fun Facts About France)

11. List 3 Countries with the Most Borders

The three countries with the most borders are China, Russia, and Brazil.

  • China shares borders with 16 countries: Afghanistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, and Vietnam. 
  • Russia has 14 borders: Azerbaijan, China, Finland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, North Korea, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Mongolia, and Norway.
  • Brazil has 10 borders which are Argentina, Columbia, France, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana, Paraguay, Surname, Venezuela, and Uruguay. (See How many Countries are there in Antarctica?)

12. List 3 Countries with the Most Neighbors

Besides answering how many countries share a border with Germany, the three countries with the most neighbors are France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with France having 30 neighbors, the United Kingdom with 25 neighbors, and United States with 18 neighbors. 

13. Which Country has No Borders?

With no borders, the 11 such countries are Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, New Caledonia, Philippines, Singapore, Vanuatu, Australia, Fiji, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. (See Why Japan is Called Land of Rising Sun?)

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