How many Countries are there in Antarctica?

Where is Antarctica? What is the population in Antarctica? Which countries are located in Antarctica?
how many countries are there in Antarctica
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The colder places on Earth are most often compared to Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest continent that is located in the Southern Hemisphere. This region is not considered a country or a nation. Then, how many countries are there in Antarctica? Antarctica countries list and capitals would highlight how many countries are in Antarctica. This way, you can see Antarctica as a continent with different places. Continue reading to know more exciting information.

1. What Country is Antarctica in? Discuss Antarctica Continent in Brief

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There is a difference between country and continent. A country is a part of the continent on Earth that a particular government governs. The continent is an area where different nations are located. Antarctica is a continent in the South Pole region and is not situated in any country.

The continent of Antarctica comprises ice sheets. The whole region is covered with glaciers and icebergs. This region has no presence of trees or shrubs. The two seasons in this continent are summer and winter. Animals named seals and penguins thrive in this region, but human beings cannot exist here because of the extreme climatic conditions. You can also find meteorites and different kinds of rocks in this region. This place can be considered a desert with no rain throughout the year. (See Why do Penguins not Fly?)

2. Who owns Antarctica? Who are the Natives of Antarctica?

The ownership of Antarctica is in the hands of seven countries. The countries are Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, France, and the United States. While other territories own the land, the USA has not claimed the land of Antarctica.

The natives of Antarctica include researchers and tourists. There is no population living on the continent apart from these people. (See What is the Smallest City in the World?)

3. Do People live in Antarctica?

Yes, people do live in Antarctica. Scientific stations on the continent allow researchers and scientists to explore the continent. But they do not stay during extreme winters. In summers, there are only a few people who visit this region. Some people stay in the region for the whole year while others don’t. (See Why can’t We go to Antarctica?)

4. What is Antarctica Population & Population Density?

The population in Antarctica is divided based on the summers and winters. During summer, the number of people in the area ranges from 3,000 to 4,000. Winter has only 1000–1500 people. The drastic climatic conditions in the area do not allow a huge number of people to survive. The next segment will answer your question of how many countries are there in Antarctica. (See What is the Absolute Location of the Philippines?)

5. How many Countries are in Antarctica?

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The different places in Antarctica are controlled by different countries outside the continent. Some are Chilean Antarctic territory, Argentine Antarctica, and British Antarctic Territory. Other places are Adelie Land under the control of France, Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land under the control of Norway, and Ross Dependency under the control of New Zealand. So, to answer your question about how many countries are there in Antarctica, the answer is seven. (See How many Arab countries are there? What are their names?)

6. Antarctica Countries List and Capitals

The next step after learning how many countries are there in Antarctica is to know their capitals. Below is the Antarctica countries list and capitals:

Country Capital
Adelie Land Dumont d’Urville Station
Argentine Antarctica Ushuaia
Australian Antarctic territory Davis Station
British Antarctic Territory Rothera
Chilean Antarctic Territory Puerto Williams
Peter I Island Peter I Island
Queen Maud Land Maud Heim
Ross Dependency Scott Base

The countries in the list and the capitals are different from other countries in the world.

7. Countries in Antarctica and their Flags

While learning how many countries are in Antarctica and their capitals, it is also necessary to know their flags. The countries in Antarctica have different flags, but the continent does not have an official flag. However, 1st December is considered the Antarctic Flag Day by most countries that control the region. (See Why is the American Flag Red, White, and Blue?)

Country Flag
British Antarctica Territory It includes the British flag along with a logo denoting research and development
Ross Dependency It is categorized under the sledge flag that shows the logo of navy ships
Antarctic Multinational territory The logo of the Antarctica Multinational Territory includes a white map of the region

8. What is the Largest Country in Antarctica?

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The largest country in the continent of Antarctica is the major station in McMurdo Station. The region covers a distance of about 2417 miles. It is situated at the southernmost tip of the Ross Dependency region. It includes a helicopter pad and a harbor for shipping. The station was constructed in 1955. (See What is the Largest Island in Asia?)

Antarctica is considered the fifth among the seven continents with the largest area. Every continent has a particular environment. As you have learned, Britain, Chile, Argentina, and other countries have different territories in different regions of the continent. Now, you are aware of how many countries are there in Antarctica. Share it with your friends and play interesting quizzes. (Also read How many States are Along the East and West Coasts?)

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