How many Continents start with Letter A?

Why all Continents Name start with A? What Continent starts with E? Who named Australia? Why is Asia called Asia? Is Eurasia a Continent?
how many continents start with letter A

We all live on planet Earth. They say this is the only planet to have inhabitants, but is that true? You never know. Since ancient times, the surface of the Earth has been changing, even if it’s so slightly that we don’t know about it. This has caused the places to be named, making them continents and countries. Let’s find something interesting about how many continents start with letter A and who named the 7 continents. There are names of some continents end with the letter A and the country begins with A. Read further to explore everything.

1. Who named the 7 Continents?

There are 7 continents on planet Earth, but who named the 7 continents? Alfred Wegener, a German scientist, proposed to the world that the seven continents we have today were formed after the Pangea, which was a single landmass that broke up due to tectonic plates moving beneath the Earth’s surface. But for the continents to get their names, it was possibly given by the people who lived in the area years back, known as Phoenicians, or by the ones who divided the land. (See How many countries are there in Antarctica?)

2. How many Continents have a Name?

You might wonder who named the 7 continents and how many continents start with letter A. What’s in a name? This was something that the famous author and writer William Shakespeare had put out. Well, think of nobody having a name. How difficult would it be to call each other? Let’s talk about the same question in terms of continents. Of the 7 continents in the world, all of them are given a name to distinguish them. These are, namely,

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe

Earth’s surface was once one piece of land which was called Pangea. Once Pangea started breaking apart, the continents came into existence. (See Geographic Pattern Definition)

3. How many Continents start with Letter A?

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The total number of continents on Earth is 7. But how many continents start with letter A? The answer is 4.

  • The first is Asia, the largest continent, which today comprises 8 eastern countries, namely Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, North and South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia, and lastly, the largest country, China, among many others.
  • The second is Australia, which is one of the two continents that lie in the southern hemisphere.
  • The third is Africa, the continent with the highest number of countries, which is 54.
  • And the last of the four is Antarctica, the continent along with Australia which lies in the southern hemisphere. 

4. Why All Continents Name start with A?

You already know how many continents start with letter A. The reason why all continents’ names start with the letter A is that it is coincidental. It may be due to the use of the Latin and Greek languages to name the continents. The names were basically derived from these languages, and the way they were written, to a great extent, was the same. Some of the continents had meaning to their Latin names. For example, the name Asia is derived from Asu, which means to rise in Akkadian. (See How many Arab countries are there? What are their names?)

5. What Continents end with the Letter A?

A fun fact about the continents is that if we take North America and South America to be one America, then all of the continents start and end with the same alphabet. So, apart from wondering how many continents start with letter A, which continents end with the letter A? All 4 continents that start with letter A as mentioned above, end with the letter A. In the list, there are Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica.

There are many who do not believe that there are 7 continents. While some say that North America and South America are counted as one America, making the number of continents ending with A as 5 and there are others who believe Asia and Europe to be one and call it Eurasia. (See How much of the African Continent is Covered with Desert?)

6. What Continent starts with E?

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Among all the 7 continents of the world, there is only one that starts with E and that is Europe. Interestingly, it starts and ends with the same letter E. The name of the continent is derived from the Greek language and is also mentioned in The Homeric Hymns. There are two theories as to how Europe got its name. The first is that this comes from the Greek goddess Europa, but there is no answer to why this specific name was chosen for the continent. Another is that Europe got its name from the ancient Phoenician word, which means land of the setting sun. (See What country has the longest name?)

7. What Country begins with A?

An answer to what country begins with A is as follows:

  • Antigua and Barbuda: An independent country which is an island in the Lesser Antilles located in the eastern Caribbean Sea
  • Austria: This comes under Europe in the south-central part of the continent, which is well-known for its palaces and castles
  • Andorra: A country part of the Iberian Peninsula that is bordered by France and is famous for tobacco and tourism.
  • Argentina: Part of South America is known for its love for football and for being the birthplace of one of the legends of football, Lionel Messi.
  • Algeria: Known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country that is part of North Africa.
  • Afghanistan: Located in south-central Asia, Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country that is the world’s largest producer of opium.
  • Angola: Known as the Republic of Angola, it is a country in Central Africa that is pretty rich in resources such as oil, diamonds, and hydroelectric potential.
  • Armenia: A country known for its beautiful landscape and culture is located in the north-western extreme of the continent of Asia.
  • Albania: The Republic of Albania is in the southeastern part of Europe between Greece and the waters of Italy.
  • Australia: One of the continents, which is a country lying in the southern hemisphere, is known for kangaroos and koalas.
  • Azerbaijan: Officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan lying on the border between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

8. Why is Asia called Asia?

The name Asia is derived from the Greeks. This comes from the Akkadian word Asu, which means to rise. There are others who say that the continent got its name from the reference to the Persian Empire attributed to Herodotus, namely Assuwa, which when translated became Asia. This is the largest continent on Earth’s surface, having the biggest population and the largest land area. This is also the east side of the east and west that the Greeks divided between Asia and Europe. (See Which Asian Country has Land within the Arctic Circle?)

9. Who named Australia?

Australia map

Initially, Australia was known as terra australis incognita, which translates to unknown southern land as per the Romans. The person who first sailed and found the land was the Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon in 1606; he named it New Holland. But the name Australia was given to the continent and country by British navigator Matthew Finders in 1804, who circumnavigated the land in 1803. Another name for Australia is Oceania, and it is recognized as the smallest continent on Earth, consisting of Polynesia, Micronesia, Australasia, and Melanesia. (See Does it snow in Australia?)

10. Why is Europe a Continent?

You are aware of how many continents start with letter A, and Europe is definitely not one of them. Europe is one of the only continents that starts with the letter E and ends with it. The shape of the continent was formed about 5 million years ago when the tectonic plates moved and the landmass emerged as it disintegrated from the Pangea. The size of the landmass and its weight make it recognized as a continent of its own, and the name has significance as it was already mentioned in The Homeric Hymns. (See 30 Largest Coastal Cities in the World)

11. Is Eurasia a Continent?

Eurasia is the combined landmass of 2 continents, namely Asia and Europe. Both the continents got their names in ancient Greece as the west and east of the Aegean and the Black Sea. However, the answer to the question of whether Eurasia is a continent or not is no. Many people still do not consider Eurasia to be a continent but rather a landmass that contains both continents, with a physical distinction between them to make it easier for people to address them. (See Why is Europe called the Peninsula of Peninsulas?)

12. What Continent is Russia?

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Besides answering how many continents start with letter A, note that Russia as a country is set on two continents, namely Asia and Europe, occupying 77% of the northern area of Asia and the remaining 23% of it located in eastern Europe. More than three out of four portions of Russia’s population is based on the European continent, while the rest live in Asia. The portion that is controlled by Russia, in the continent of Asia, is known as Siberia. It is said that the historical heartland of Russia is also on the European continent. 

The Earth is a big place, and we are mere dots on the surface of it. This article aimed to look a bit into the continents and questions revolving around them, like how many continents start with letter A, how many continents end with the letter A and which country begins with A. (Also read What Continent is Dubai in?)

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