How many books are there in the Bible?

How many books altogether make up the Bible? In about 367 AD, St. Athanasius came up with a list of 73 books for the Bible that he believed to be divinely inspired.
How many books are there in the Bible?
  1. The number

    The general rule is that the Bible contains 66 little books.

  2. The authors

    The first 39 books, inspired by Yahweh, were written in Hebrew, albeit Official Aramaic is found in Ezra, Jeremiah, and Daniel.

  3. Jewish literature

    Aramaic is an ancient Semitic language closely related to Hebrew and was spoken by the Aramean people.

  4. The differences between the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and Jews

    Some of the books the Jews were using and their inspired books, so the RCC added them. This was an attempt by the RCC (Roman Catholic church) to unify their citizenry under one religion. It was in the early 300s CE or AD that Christianity was made a legal religion, and for a time, pagan persecution had subsided.

  5. 5The last 27 books

    The Bible, from Matthew to Revelation, was written in Greek. Hence, with the first 39 Hebrew-Aramaic books of the Holy Bible from Genesis to Malachi, combined with the 27 books of the Greek Scriptures, we have the Biblical canon of 66 books that make up our complete Bible.

  6. The Roman Catholic church added books

    The Bible after the early church established the listing of the inspired books, which was determined before 325Ad or CE, and most of those extra books we cannot confirm whether or not it was composed by known bible characters or contained a character that was named in two the Genealogies in the Gospels.

  7. Community influences

    The RCC included those extra books because some were popular with the general community of believers and Pagans readers. A few of the books also discuss some of the 400-year histories of Israel’s people after the last Israeli prophet spoke. (See Which are the 66 books of the Bible, in the same order as listed in the book?)

  8. Additions to the Holy writings

    The Catholic and Mormon Churches have made uninspired additions to the Holy Writings. However, these added books do not belong in the original Bible Canon, the Divine Library.

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