How Loud is a Silenced Pistol?

What is a Silenced pistol? How quiet is a Silencer? What are Mufflers and Oppressors?
How loud is a silenced pistol

A normal pistol shot, depending upon caliber, power level, and loading can range from 155dB to 170 dB. Normally the silencer suppresses a gun blast bringing it down to the level of around 120 – 150 decibels. The sound from the silenced pistol can still be heard loud enough and it is thus, easy to identify a gunshot. To know more about how loud is a silenced pistol, continue reading further!

1. How Loud is a Silenced Pistol?

When talking about how loud is a silenced pistol, it can be very loud contrary to what we see in movies. In reality, the silenced guns can be still be heard loud and clear. Even if an assassin comes in and uses a silencer to muffle the sound of gunfire, a little sound can still be heard. Silencers are safety devices designed to reduce the real sound of shooting and protect the hearing of the shooter and those around him. A silencer focuses on controlling the sound level generated when firing a round of ammunition. (See How to Make Stink Spray)

2. What is the Difference between Silenced and Unsilenced weapons?

By using a silencer, you can eliminate the bright muzzle flash that comes from the burning of gas from the barrel. When you put a silencer on your pistol the accuracy will be better, making it easier for you to aim. But when you use guns without a silencer, you need to wear protective hearing and be cautious while firing to prevent an accidental explosion. It is always a safer option to use a silencer when shooting as we now know how loud is a silenced pistol compared to unsilenced pistols. (Also read How many Gallons of Gas in a Barrel of Oil?)

3. What is the Use of a Silencer?

Silencers reduce the noise of a firearm but do not eliminate the sound of gunfire.

  • It will reduce the decibels of shots to a safe level for human hearing, but it is still recommended to wear some kind of hearing protection.
  • Silencers regulate the gases that leak from the weapon but do not combat other sounds that occur when the weapon is fired, such as the sound of bullets flying through the air.
  • It helps eliminate muzzle blast, which in turn, helps to prevent accidental firing around explosive items.
  • It increases the accuracy and helps us to hit our target faster.
  • It will also reduce pistol recoil. (See How fast can a bullet travel?)

4. What is the History behind Silencers?

The first silencers were built by Hiram Percy Maxim which came to market in 1909. The use of it gradually disappeared until World War 2. It was used in Central Intelligence Agency and many suppressed weapons were made for the war.

During World War 2, a favorite among MACV-SOG commandos was the .45 suppressed M2A1 called Grease Gun. At present the quietest gun with a silencer is the Obsidian 45, it is rated for all center-fire pistol caliber along with common lever-action calibers. (See Where is Obsidian Found?)

5. What are Oppressors?

People in the gun industry call them oppressors rather than silencers. The use of a silencer does not change the power or speed of the shot bullet, but when the projectile breaks through the sound barrier, a sound bang is heard. Oppressor reduces side concussion without affecting muzzle braking performance. It more or less maintains recoil reduction of muzzle arms. (See What is Metal Made of?)

6. What is Muffler?

Muffler and silencer are basically the same thing used to silence or muffle the sound of a gunshot. The only difference between them is the words, silencer and muffler are used in different areas. A silencer is an attachment to a gun or an exhaust pipe that reduces the sound it emits while the muffler is a part of the exhaust pipe of a car that reduces the noise of an engine. In firearms, both silencers and mufflers are referred to as the same. (See What is Sonic Boom?)

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