How Long is a Decade and a Century?

Why One year is equal to 365 days? How did the Calendar originate? What are some interesting facts about Decades and Centuries?
how long is a decade and a century

Do you know, who decided that a year should be 365 days and not more than that, or a year should have only 12 months and less than 12 months is not tolerable? And who decided how long is a decade and a century? Calendars are an integral part of your life. Whether you are working in an office or pursuing your higher studies, the presence of calenders on your desk or in your room makes your life easy. Thanks to technology, you can have your calendars give a remainder on important deadlines with a ping. Without days, years and months, let’s just politely put it you would be clueless. But have you ever wondered, how long is a decade and a century, or rather how many years is a decade? Also how many years is a century? You will get the answer to all these questions as you continue reading the article.

1. Why One year is equal to 365 days?

how long is a decade and a century 1

A day on earth is defined as the time taken to spin a full circle on its axis. Our planet earth takes 24 hours to come around a full circle and thus we have 24 hours a day. And when it comes to a year, it depends on the circular motion of our planet earth around the sun.

Earth takes approximately 365.24 days to complete a full circle around the sun, i.e. the revolution of the earth around the sun takes place in 365.24 days. Because of this reason, you are having 365 days per year. What about the 0.24 days? That’s when the concept of a leap year comes into play. The remaining 0.24 gets added up and comes as a full day every fourth year of the February month making it a total of 366 days. (See How Many Number of Days in a Month?)

2. What is the History of the Calendar?

Before getting the answer to how long is a decade and a century, let’s read about its history. Actually, the calendar was not the same in the earlier days as it is now. Till 1500, the people of earth were following the calendar designed by Julius Caesar after which in 1528 Pope Gregory XIII redesigned Caesar’s year distribution which is currently used by us. Here are some facts about Caesar and Gregorian calendars. 

Julian Calendar

  • Julius Caesar designed the Julian calendar with the help of Sosigenes, a greek astronomer as the roman calendar was three months ahead of the calendar of solar.
  • Julian Calendar was divided into 12 months with each month having 30 or 31 days except February but there was no February 29 instead the extra day was repeated as February 23.
  • The Julian calendar is presently used by the Eastern Orthodox churches. (See Who invented Paper and When?)

Gregorian Calendar

  • Pope Gregory XIII reformed the Julian calendar by adding 10 days in October as it regressed one day per century.
  • The calendar came into effect by October 4, 1528, and the following day was reckoned as October 15.
  • The first people or community to follow was The Protestants of German states in 1699 followed by the British Empire in 1752 and soon the rest of the world. (Also read What are the 6 Layers of the Earth?)

3. How long is a Decade and a Century?

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Now that you have a fair idea about how days and years work, you can solve the puzzle that has been running on your mind in the loop. How many years is a decade? How many years is a century? 

  • Considering a year to be a unit in calculating as one year is equal to one full rotation around the sun.
  • With a year as one unit, a decade is exactly 10 years, i.e. 10 years is equal to 1 decade.
  • And a century is equal to 10 decades which in turn is (10*10) = 100 years. (See How many Minutes are there in a Year?)

So these statements can be written as,

  • 1 year = 365 days.
  • 1 decade = 10 years.
  • 1 century = 10 decades = 100 years.
  • Millennium = 1000 years.

The word decade and century originated from Latin where Decuria means a unit of ten men in the Roman military while Centuria is a unit made up of 100 men. The root word of the word Centuria belongs to Saeculum meaning 100 years. These terms are used to denote a group of individuals who share the same characteristics at a particular period. (Also read Why Do We Have Different Time Zones?)

4. What are the Other Terms used for Time?

Apart from knowing how long is a decade and a century, you should read ab0ut the other terms used for years or a certain period of time. These are used to describe years as you can’t be like it happened 3289838683908 years ago right. Though these terms don’t have definite years attached to them, they are still in use, especially by historians, paleontologists, and anthropologists. (See How many days has it been since June 12th 1857?)

  • Eons: Longest time of time ie. several eras make an eon.
  • Era: Several periods make up an era.
  • Period: several epochs make a period.
  • Epoch: A time marked by an event that starts a new period. 

5. What are some Facts about Decades and Centuries?

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  • The 1920s decade is referred to as the Roaring Twenties of the 20th century as during that period people lived carefreely and the decade saw economic prosperity and also came to a quick downfall in the Western world.
  • 6th century CE is considered the darkest time in human history as it went through two volcanic eruptions which resulted in temperature imbalance and mass starvation.
  • Whist the world saw the above horrors, the period between the 4th century CE and 6th century CE is the Golden Age of India as it saw various breakthroughs in the field of science, mathematics, religion, philosophy, astronomy, religion, etc. (See Date format UK vs US)

Now that you have read this full article, I hope you found the answer to the question, how long is a decade and a century along with their related facts. (See How many Cups are in 16 oz?)

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