How long does the average football game last?

The average FBS game last season was 3 hours & 24 minutes, the longest in the sport’s history.
How long does the average football game last?
  1. About College Football games

    College football games are getting longer and longer, which might not affect the ratings but hurts players and the audience’s enjoyment. The length of games was a significant subject of contention when NCAA Division I Football Committee. The rules might not change, but there are a few things required to tighten up the length of games.

  2. Average length

    As per NCAA statistics, the standard length of a college football game is 3 hours and 24 minutes. On the contrary, college football games are relatively longer than NFL games, which usually last for 3 hours and 3 minutes.

  3. Reason for time difference B/w College and NFL games

    The primary reason for the differences is that college football has a 20-minute halftime break, and the NFL has a 12-minute hiatus. Secondly, as per the college rules, the clock stops after a game gets the first down, and they have very lengthy overtime. In comparison, the NFL has a 10 minutes bonus period, which finishes after one score through the regular season.

  4. Plans to reduce the time

    Larry Scott, Pac- 12 commissioners, have advised NCAA to adopt a running clock policy after the first downs. Also, to make changes in the replay systems just like the NFL. The coaches get a limited number of challenges, so not each play, in theory, gets reviewed. Also, they have reduced the number of commercial breaks to cut short the time.

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