How is Polyester Glitter made?

What is Glitter, and what was Old Glitter made of? How is Glitter manufactured? What are Glitter Films? What are the different Types of Glitter, and How are they made? How to make Glitter at Home?
how is polyester glitter made
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According to the archaeologists of the Institute of Archeology, the oldest decoration used by humans was shell beads from 82,000 years ago. But with the advancement of technology, different types of decorations have been innovated. You do remember those bits of colorful paper, glitter, sparkles, etc. that you used to decorate that greeting card on Teacher’s Day. Well, today you will get to know about how is polyester glitter made, how is holographic glitter made, how is glitter manufactured, and how do you make sparkles. 

1. What is Glitter?

A mixture of reflective small particles of different colors, shapes, and sizes is known as glitter. The word glitter is presumably derived from the Middle English word Gliteren, which was derived from an Old Norse word Glitra. Glitter shines because the particles reflect the light irregularly due to their shapes. The light reflected from different angles produces different colored effects. (See Some Cocktails that Glow Under Black Light)

2. How old is Glitter?

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According to archeologists, various stones that are discovered have a glittering effect on them. They believe early humans used powdered hematite to produce a sparkling effect. However, it was more of a natural option to make glitter. It has been around for about 70-75 years or so. However, cave paintings are found which are more than  2,000 years old that have a sparkly appearance using mica flakes. (See What are Rubies made of?)

3. How is Modern Glitter made?

Glitter is a collection of numerous tiny bits of plastic. In 1930, Henry F. Ruschmann, an American machinist, invented the machine to cut paper and photo films. However, this machine was not invented with the purpose of manufacturing glitter, but it happened to do so. Sometimes, while working when the machine stuttered, small pieces of glossy cellulose were generated as a byproduct. Those bits were shiny and workers collected them to decorate their Christmas tree. This is how modern glitter was innovated. (See What is the Best Lava Lamp to Buy?)

4. How is Glitter manufactured?

I know you are keen to know how is polyester glitter made. Once the different types of glitter films and the necessary-colored dyes are available, the sheets or films are cut into pieces with the help of a machine. There are different types and sizes of machines available for manufacturing glitter. The machine cuts the film into square pieces or hex pieces depending upon the film inserted in the machine. Different types of blade configurations are used to obtain different types of particles. However, how is glitter manufactured depends on the techniques used as that may differ from one manufacturer to another. (See How Do Things Glow In The Dark?)

5. What are Glitter Films?

During World War II, when glass glitter was unavailable, two business partners, Harry Goetz and Ruschmann, discovered the possibility of grounding scraped plastic into glitter. In 1953, they invented various methods to produce modern glitter that included a thin sheet out of which pieces of glitter were cut out. Different types of glitter are made from different types of glitter films. (See What are Coloured Glass Blocks?)

6. How many types of Glitter are there?

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Depending upon their manufacturing material, color, texture, and application areas, here is a list of different types of glitter.

7. What is Craft Glitter?

I know you are looking for how is polyester glitter made, be patient, we are close to it. The glitter that you use in making projects or the one that is mixed into colors is the craft glitter. These glitter particles are large with sharp angles. Their most common shapes are hexagons or squares. Unlike other glitter, it has low coverage, but it is not very expensive. However, it cannot tolerate temperatures above 137.78° Celsius (280° Fahrenheit) and it is not safely dissolved. Also, check out What is the Most Expensive Rock in the World?

8. How is Craft Glitter made?

There are various options for manufacturers, like glass, metal, or poly-coated dyes. But nowadays, a much safer option is prioritized above all these items. The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sheets or films are cut into fine particles or as per the size required. (See What does Fool’s Gold look like?)

9. What is Gem Powder, and How is it made?

Gem powder is the highlighter that you use in make-up. It is a luminescent, glowing, and radiant powder that gives new looks to your make-up. It includes the dust of shiny stones that are often very expensive. They are made from natural and non-synthetic stones. (See 23 Common Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid)

10. What is Polyester Glitter?

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This is the glitter made from the thinnest plastic films of various colors. This glitter is so fine that it is easily mixed with solvents. Therefore, it is known as a versatile glitter. It sparkles more than another glitter, and it can tolerate more heat in comparison to craft glitter. To know about how is polyester glitter made, check the next segment. (See 8 Best valentine Decoration Ideas)

11. How is Polyester Glitter made?

Polyester glitter was earlier made from colorful plastic cuttings that were not in even size. Now, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films are used to make polyester glitter. Due to its high solvent quality, this glitter can be mixed with make-up products, beauty products, nail paints, etc. (See Why Do Women Wear Makeup?)

12. What is Holographic Glitter?

This glitter has the most vivid color that is achieved from a mixture of silver and multicolored glitter pieces. It gives a metallic and rainbow finish that gives a dazzling effect. It has a very thin aluminum layer to reflect light. (See 29 Types of Makeup Every Woman Should Know About)

13. How is Holographic Glitter made?

The term holography means to generate 3-dimensional images. The holographic glitter is thus made from the sheet or film which already has a holography effect or quality. This type of sheet has a fine pattern on its surface so that it reflects light in different directions. (See What Does 3D Mean?)

14. What is Iridescent Glitter, and How is it made?

The iridescent glitter is the translucent flake that gives out a multicolor effect. You can add them over any colored glitter for an enhanced look. They are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films combined with acrylic paint. These films are colored and treated before they are converted into glitter. They have rainbow pastel shades. (See Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner)

15. What is Metallic Glitter, and How is it made?

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I guess you found out how is polyester glitter made but why miss out on metallic glitter. It is the one that is mostly used as body art glitter. They are not made from metals, but it sure has a metallic shine. The metallic glitter is available in different vibrant colors, and they come in one color pack, unlike other glitters which are a combination of single as well as multicolored particles. This glitter is made from glitter film that is of a single solid color, like silver, metallic blue, metallic pink, etc. (See What Are The Characteristics of An Element?)

16. How do you make Sparkles?

Besides wondering how is polyester glitter made, if you are thinking about making some glitter yourself, you can try this recipe. For this, you will need a bowl, food coloring, sea salt, parchment paper (or baking paper), and a baking dish.

  • Preheat the oven to 176.67° (180°precisely) Celsius (350° Fahrenheit)
  • Start by mixing food coloring and sea salt in a bowl. The color or colors is up to your choice
  • Spread the mixture on the baking paper lined in the baking dish
  • For 10 minutes bake it at 176.67° Celsius (350° Fahrenheit)
  • Remove the dish from the oven and let it cool before touching it.  (See What size Bulb does a Lava Lamp take?)

So, now you know what are different types of glitter and how is glitter manufactured. Well, along with it, you got to know how is polyester glitter made and how is holographic glitter made. I also mentioned one recipe in the heading on how do you make sparkles, so do try it out and share it with your friends. (Also read What are Examples of Pulleys in Everyday Life?)

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