How Hot is Lukewarm?

What temperature is “Lukewarm”? What is the Temperature of Lukewarm Water?
How Hot is Lukewarm?
  1. Definition of Lukewarm

    This word comes from the Middle English word ‘Lukewarm.’ It is made by combining two words, luke and warm. “Lew” means tepid, and the meaning of tepid is something that is neither too cold nor hot. Therefore, it means something which is slightly warm or about room temperature.

  2. What does it determine?

    Usually, the term lukewarm states the temperature of a liquid. Still, the strange thing is that there is no exact degree determining when water becomes lukewarm, as it can refer to the actual temperature. You must have drunk lukewarm water a lot of times. Thus it is neither too cold nor too hot.

  3. Is there any exact degree for lukewarm?

    Well, to be precise, there is no degree; however, lukewarm generally means between 98-105 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.5-40.5 Celsius. But there is no set standard for it yet. tAs, depending on the source, you would get different opinions on what temperature range constitutes lukewarm water.

  4. Sensing the Lukewarm

    When we first think of warmth, this word seems subjective. Even if you do not have a thermometer, still you can make out whether the water is lukewarm or not. If you put some warm water on your wrist and you feel that it is a little warmer than your body temperature and not hot, that implies it is nearly lukewarm.  (See Why you should drink more water?)

  5. 5Examples of Lukewarm

    One of the prominent examples is the milk that you feed to infants; it is always lukewarm, and the mothers check it by pouring some at their hands. The word Lukewarm is also at times cites a person’s attitude toward something. For instance, when you like or dislike something, it might be said as lukewarm.

  6. 6Benefits of Lukewarm

    One of the significant advantages of lukewarm is that it is better for digestion and good for constipation. If you drink lukewarm water in the morning, it not only enhances the digestion system but has other health benefits, too, as it has a vasodilating effect on the body. It also helps in clearing out your sinuses and excellent for dental problems. (See How many ounces of water are in a 2-litre bottle?)

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