How does the War Pigeons mode work in Battlefield 1?

How to Play War Pigeons in Battlefield 1? You have to play Battlefield 1’s War Pigeons
  1. Teams fight off to find the pigeon

    Two teams fight off searching for the pigeon. The pigeon’s location rotates around the maps.

  2. One team catches the pigeon

    The objective is to capture the pigeon and stay alive long enough to write a message.

  3. The other team tries to catch it

    The other team members try to catch the carrier. Usually, it’s a close quarters match because both teams follow the carrier.

  4. The carrier can be killed

    If the enemy team kills the carrier and catches the pigeon fast enough, they would be the ones in possession of the pigeon.

  5. The carrier sends the pigeon

    The carrier sends the pigeon if they manage to survive. The pigeon can easily die if the enemy shoots it. (See Why Battlefield 1 is critically acclaimed?)

  6. The message is delivered

    One team delivers the message through the pigeon and artillery strikes on enemy locations.

  7. 3 messages have to be delivered

    One team has to send the message three times in order to win the match.

  8. War Pigeons is close-quarters

    War Pigeons is a close quarters match-up similar to Domination. Assault and Support classes work best with it. (See Why are mobile games popular?)

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