How does it feel like to have high levels of testosterone?

What are the signs of Testosterone? How do you feel when your testosterone is high?
  1. Your mood becomes more stable

    When you have high levels of testosterone, your mood will become more stable, you will experience less mood swings and your emotions won’t be too intense.

  2. You fail to recognize emotions

    If you have high levels of testosterone then you might fail to recognize some emotions. According to one study, testosterone can force a person to make many mistakes when judging emotions.

  3. You don’t get tired easily

    Testosterone will make you more energetic. You won’t get tired easily even after doing physically demanding tasks.

  4. You have a higher sex drive

    Testosterone is the hormone responsible for high sex drive. When you have high testosterone levels, you will think about sex more often.

  5. You talk less

    Testosterone can make a person feel less like talking with others. A male with high testosterone might not talk a lot. (See How Testosterone affects male behaviour?)

  6. You become less social

    High testosterone can make males antisocial to a certain extent. Instead of feeling like socializing with other males, a male with high testosterone can consider them competitors.

  7. You get irritated easily

    People with high levels of testosterone get irritated easily. They can get angry or provoked very easily and they might feel like they want to fight anybody who annoys them.

  8. You feel more competitive

    Testosterone makes males feel more competitive. If you have high testosterone levels then you will become very competitive.

  9. You become more confident

    Testosterone makes a person feel confident, aggressive, cocky and assertive. The higher the testosterone levels, the more assertive the male will be.

  10. You experience less depression

    Testosterone stabilizes emotions and reduces depression. Males with low testosterone levels are more prone to depression than other men. (See How can a man tell if he has high testosterone?)

  11. You become more energetic

    Testosterone will make you feel more energetic and physically active. Low testosterone will make you feel tired, exhausted and drained.

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