How does it feel like to be depressed?

What does being depressed feel like? Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs
  1. Very low energy

    Depressed people have very low energy. They find it hard to do any effort or engage in activities requiring effort such as exercising. When the depression is severe, the person might not find energy to leave their bed.

  2. Loss of hope

    Depression is always accompanied with loss of hope. The depressed person will feel that they are stuck and that their problems can’t be solved no matter what.

  3. Negative thinking

    How does it feel like to be depressedA depressed person will usually think negatively about the future and have a negative outlook about life. They will usually believe that the worst is going to happen.

  4. The person feels helpless

    Depression usually goes hand in hand with helplessness. The depressed person feels down and bad, but at the same time feels helpless about solving their problems or ending depression.

  5. Not wanting to do anything

    The depressed person doesn’t only experience low energy, but they don’t feel like doing anything. They lose appetite for life and they lose interest in almost everything. (See The Body Language of Anxiety)

  6. Lower sexual desire

    Depression lowers sexual desire. When the depression is severe, a person might lose interest in sex completely. Anything that used to excite the person becomes less interesting after depression.

  7. Not wanting to wake up

    Depressed people usually don’t feel like waking up in the morning. Because the depressed person usually doesn’t have hope in life, they don’t feel that getting out of bed will change anything.

  8. They hardly laugh

    A depressed person can hardly laugh, especially if the depression is severe. A depressed person could fail to laugh even while watching something funny. They just feel sad and unhappy.

  9. Suicidal thoughts and death wishes

    A depressed person might get suicidal thoughts or just wish to die. Many depressed people wish they never existed and some actually might attempt suicide. (See The body language signs of stress)

  10. Loss of pleasure and joy

    Most joyful activities never make the depressed person feel happy. The person just finds the things that they used to enjoy dull and disinteresting.

  11. Self-esteem becomes lower

    When a person gets depressed, they might feel worthless. A depressed person will usually experience low self-esteem because of the feelings of helplessness associated with depression.

  12. Serious change in appetite

    Some depressed people don’t feel like eating and so they lose a lot of weight. Others start craving unhealthy foods, and as a result, gain a lot of weight.

  13. Experiencing other emotions become hard

    Apart from sadness and despair, experiencing other emotions such as joy, excitement, motivation and happiness becomes impossible.

  14. Feeling sad and down

    Depressed people feel sad and down all the time. They believe that their sadness is not going to go away and this adds a layer of loss of hope to their sadness.

  15. Lack of interest in people

    Depressed people prefer to isolate themselves from people. A depressed person won’t want to hang out or see people, especially if they are strangers.

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