How does Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Work?

Google’s New Trick: I’m feeling curious | Google’s Hidden I’m Feeling Curious Trick
How does Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Work?
  1. What is the ‘i’m feeling curious’ Google trick?

    Google introduced this trick 4 years back in September 2015. It is a simple trick where you need to type ‘i’m feeling curious’ in the Google search bar, and this internet search giant will come up with a fun feature that will change your mood or cheer you up whenever you are feeling bored. You can also type ‘fun facts,’ and it will redirect you to the same feature.

  2. How does it work?

    When you type ‘i’m feeling curious’ or ‘fun facts’ on Google, you will see a random fact coming up on your screen, including a question and its answer in the box. For instance, it may come up, ‘How many dots are there on a golf ball’? Furthermore, it will also provide you with a link to the source if you want to visit the website for more details.

    It will also display a blue ‘ask Another question’ tab right below, stimulating you to keep pressing it again until you want to know more interesting facts.

  3. How does Google manage to provide this feature?

    Google is the king of search engines. Google searches the information and facts from all the renowned websites all over the internet. Moro ever, these facts are the questions searched by millions of people every day on Google.

  4. What should be done if I’m feeling curious’ is not working?

    If the trick is not working and does not show any random interesting facts, you should re-open Google again. It should start working; still, if the problem persists, it may imply that your browser’s cache is full, and you need to clear it. For clearing your browser’s cache, you need to:

    • Use the shortcut Ctrl+H to open your browser’s history.
    • Click on the Clear browsing data button.

    As guided in the picture above, hit checkmarks on all the data and press the Clear Browsing Data tab.

  5. What makes this trick fascinating?

    Not just one, but many. One of the best aspects is that it is an educative trick that can help not only the students in schools or colleges but also for everyone, as information is always useful to know. Moreover, it also enhances your general knowledge in a fun way as this trick can fill your mind with interesting facts.

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