How do you Type the Micrometre Symbol in Word?

How to Type a Micron Symbol in Word? Press down the alt key and type 230 or 0181 using the numeric keypad.
How do you Type the Micrometre Symbol in Word?
  1. What is a micrometre, and why is it used?

    A micrometre is a tool used for measuring very tiny objects. They can precisely measure the length, depth, and thickness of all the items that fit between its spindle and anvil. Its primary function is to facilitate the process of machining applications and mechanical engineering. The majority of the micrometres are designed to measure within 1/4th of an inch.

  2. What is the symbol of the micrometre?

    A micrometre also called a micron, is the metric unit of measurement for a length equal to 0.001 mm. The micrometre symbol is μm, an SI unit of length equal to 10-6 meters.

  3. How can you type micrometre’s symbol in MS word?

    There are various ways of inserting micrometre symbol in MS word, which includes:

  4. Micro Symbol Shortcuts

    If you are using a Mac machine, the micron symbol can be inserted by pressing Option + M. However, for the Windows system, you can use the alt code shortcut; Alt+230 to insert the micron symbol.
    Note: To insert the micron symbol in Windows, type 00B5 on your keyboard and press Alt + X. But remember, this shortcut is applicable only for Microsoft Word.

  5. Using the symbol font

    Symbol fonts can immensely help to insert the symbols that are used rarely, but it only works for Latin and Greek letters. It would help if you pressed Ctrl+Shift+Q to switch your current font to the Symbol font. Then, start using these symbols like the normal font. For instance, in Symbol font, the letter ‘a’ implies the letter ‘α.’ (See What is the Difference Between Columns and Rows?)

  6. Using AutoCorrect for Math

    Microsoft Word offers a vital feature named AutoCorrect. This feature helps you when you do not want to insert a complicated symbol or equation each time. You are allowed to add a special character in Microsoft Word, such as a micro sign or large pieces of text or any other from the Greek alphabet.

    •Using the Math AutoCorrect options

    •Using the Replace text as you type function of the AutoCorrect options

    To turn this AutoCorrect on or off, you need to follow these instructions:

    a) On the ‘File’ tab, click ‘Options’

    b) Click the ‘AutoCorrect Options’ from the ‘Word Options’ dialog box on the ‘Proofing’ tab.

    c) Hit checkmark at the ‘Math AutoCorrect Rules Outside of the Math Regions’ option, in the ‘AutoCorrect’ dialog box, on the ‘Math AutoCorrect’ tab.

  7. Copy and Paste the micro symbol

    It is one of the easiest ways of inserting the micro symbol for your work in Word, whether you are using a Mac or Windows. You need to copy a character (Ctrl+C for Windows and Command+C for Mac) and paste it into the Word document (Ctrl+V for Windows and Command+V for Mac).

    You can also copy the symbol using the Windows ‘Character Map.’ First, you need to search the ‘Character Map’ app and then launch it. When the app is successfully opened, click to check the ‘Advanced View’ checkbox to expand the window for more advanced options, as shown below:

    As marked above by the red arrow, hit the checkmark on the ‘Advanced View’ section, the type Micro in the search tab. This allows you to select and press it. The symbol will appear in the Word, and the best part is you can select and copy several characters or symbols at the same time. Then, switch over to wherever the symbol is required in the Word.

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