How do you find out what your zip code plus four is?

What is a ZIP +4 Code? What's the ZIP Plus-Four for? What is the 5 digit zip code?

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  1. 1 ZIP code overview

    They are a method of postal codes which is practised by the United States Postal Services (USPS) since 1963. Before that, they used to have postal zones in 124 of the nation's most populated areas. The issue raised when its demand increased; then they decided to add five numbers for making the mail system more efficient.

  2. 2 ZIP full form

    The addition of five numbers was the part of the Zone Improvement Plan, which is why it is called ZIP. The other four digits were introduced in 1983 as it would help them in doing better and quick delivery & sorting.

  3. 3 What do the numbers mean?

    ZIP code is of 9 digits in total. The entire 9 digit zip code is made up of two components, the first five digits of the zip code exhibit the target post office or delivery area. The last four numbers of the zip code symbolise a distinct delivery route within that overall delivery area like crossings between the side of the street, building, floor, etc.

  4. 4 Bifurcation of ZIP code as per individual digit

    Its first digit indicates a specific group of U.S states. Now, the second and third digits denote a precise area in that group. Fourth and fifth digits state a particular group of delivery address within that region.

    Sixth and seventh tells the delivery sector, it can be several blocks, various office buildings, a small geographic area, etc. Eighth and nine digits point a delivery segment such as the side of a street, particular departments in the office, etc.

  5. 5 Who invented the ZIP code?

    Robert Moon is said to be the father of the ZIP code. Moon proposed for the ZIP code in 1944, but he is only given credit for first three digits of the code. Whereas, Henry Bentley Hahn Sir was the one who proposed the fourth and fifth digits in the ZIP code.

  6. 6 How to locate a ZIP +4 code?

    It is pretty easy to find a ZIP +4 code as there are various ways of finding them as per the information available with the person. There are three approaches to obtain a +4 ZIP code:

    • By Address- In this method, you need to insert a residential or corporate street address, city and state, and you would get the specific ZIP code.
    • By City & State- For this, you need to put city and state to see all the ZIP codes for the particular city.
    • Cities by ZIP code- In this, you would have to insert a ZIP code to get a list of cities it covers.

    You can find all this on the official website of UPSP as it has all the data and would provide you with all other information related to it as well.

  7. 7 Benefits of a full ZIP +4 codes

    They are pretty good for shipping as a ZIP + 4 code requires validation. Hence, if there is a +4 code on the parcel, it means the address is authentic. It can also benefit from getting bulk mailing discounts.

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