Millionaire Mindset: How Millionaires Think Differently?

How do Millionaires think differently? Millionaire Mindset: 14 Steps to Think and Act Like a Millionaire

  1. 1 They believed they were rich before they became rich

    Rich people and millionaires had a millionaire mindset before they even became rich. The millionaire mindset, which is mainly believing that you will become rich, is one of the important tools that help people become rich.

  2. 2 They rarely think of working for someone else

    Most millionaires hate the idea of working for other people and they prefer to have their own companies or start new ventures with other people. Most millionaires are owners of private businesses.

  3. 3 They don't over spend

    Most millionaires don't look like millionaires. They usually look like ordinary people. Yes, most of them are well dressed but they don't overly spend. They understand that living below their standard is the best way to grow their wealth.

  4. 4 They finance businesses not life styles

    A millionaire can borrow money to enter in a new venture but he will hardly ever borrow money to upgrade his car or buy a yacht. Millionaires finance new projects but not life style upgrades.

  5. 5 They don't fall prey to wants

    Millionaires buy what they need, but not always what they want. Wanting a Yacht is not enough for a Millionaire to buy it unless he has extra unneeded cash.

  6. 6 They think of projects that have big potential

    Most millionaires won't be interested in starting a small project that earns them a few thousands of dollars a year. Instead they aim for projects with bigger potential and ones that can help them multiply their wealth. (See How to build the entrepreneurial mindset?)

  7. 7 They have a long term plan

    Most millionaires won't be interested in a hit and run businesses that brings some money then disappears. Instead, they prefer long term businesses that can deliver a constant supply of money for many years to come.

  8. 8 They set the goal then count their resources

    Most rich people set their goals first then check the resources they have. Other people usually count their resources first then set limited goals based on those resources.

  9. 9 Strong self decipline

    Millionaires usually have strong self discipline. They sacrifice short term gains for the sake of long term ones. They might avoid changing their car today, in order to buy much better ones the next year after their investment pays off.

  10. 10 Do not believe in get rich quick schemes

    Millionaires usually think of long term profits. They believe that getting rich quick can happen by chance but they never consider it their goal, hence they never fall for getting rich quick schemes. 

  11. 11 They have a very strong desire to become rich

    Before millionaires became millionaires they had a burning desire to become rich. Being poor is unacceptable for those people. (See Where does ambition come from?)

  12. 12 They don't follow crowds

    Most people aren't rich, and millionaires know that. That's why they never follow crowds blindly or take decisions based on the direction of their friends or relatives.

  13. 13 They don't have false beliefs about money

    Millionaires don't believe that money is evil or that rich people are thieves. The fact that they don't have false beliefs about money makes them more likely to become rich, than others who do have those beliefs.

  14. 14 They usually do what they are passionate about

    Millionaires usually follow their passion, no matter how crazy it seems to others. They have no problems in changing careers, dropping out or making bold moves just to reach their goals.

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