How do dream catchers catch dreams?

Dream catchers: Do they really catch dreams? Dream Catchers – Myths And Truths
How do dream catchers catch dreams?
  1. What is a dream catcher?

    It is a handmade object based on a hoop, woven around a string, and decorated with several things like beads, wind chimes, feathers, and crystals. They not only catch dreams but have a spiritual significance as well.

  2. Authentic Native American Dream Catchers

    You might have seen various dream catchers in the shop decorated beautifully. But, if you prefer to buy a real original dream catcher, ensure that it is hand-carved and built only from natural stuff, and they should line few small inches across in size. Another thing to remember is that authentic ones are usually wrapped in the frame in leather.

  3. Meaning of the strings

    The strings of the dream catcher are tied at various points on the circle, with the number of points attached to multiple points on the ring. All these points have distinct significance assigned to it-

    * 13 points – the 13 aspects of the moon
    * 8 points – the number of legs on the spider woman of the dream catcher legend
    * 7 points – the seven divination of the grandfathers
    * 6 points – an eagle or strength *  5 points – the star

  4. What is its provenance?

    The concept of dream catcher came from the Ojibwa nation, and then it was adopted by Native American Nations during the 1960s. Even today, many Native Americans consider a dream catcher as a tradition, and there are dream catcher legends that they hand over to their next generations.

  5. Lakota Legends

    Just like the Ojibwa nation, Lakota legends associated dream catcher with spiders. They said that dream catcher catches the right ideas on the web, so they do not get lost, and it lets the bad ideas filter through the hole and pass without harming anyone.

  6. Protector of children

    They are also dangled above the children’s beds to shield them from wicked dreams and evil spirits. Ancient people believed that it would allow good dreams to pass and float down through the hanging feathers and beads to the sleeping children.

  7. Significance of a dream catcher

    They are said to be a lucky charm or an object which brings positivity and good dreams along. If you place it in the right place, it is said that it exists all sorts of negative energies and lets the positive energy come in, which keeps you relaxed while sleeping.

  8. Significance of the web

    The first thing to notice is the circle in it. The reason why the web is made in the loop is that it portrays the circle of life. Its web catches the good dreams, and the feathers act as a fluffy or a stair through which they gently ascend on the sleeping person without disturbing them.

    Beads also have a significant meaning as they symbolize the spider or web-weaver itself.

  9. As per experts, dream catchers help in straining out the sex dreams that disturb people. They do not filter the genre of dreams but assists in sleeping well.

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