How do bad boys choose their clothes?

How to Achieve the Modern-Day Bad Boy Look? How do bad boys choose their clothes?
  1. Clothes that give them freedom

    Bad boys do all kinds of dangerous stuff. They need to be wearing clothes that allow them to move freely, jump over objects without worrying about their clothes or do anything else.

  2. Ready to fight

    Bad boys wear clothes that enable them to get into a fight anytime. This is why they don’t overdress and prefer simple clothes that have high endurance such as leather jackets and boots.

  3. Clothes that make them feel comfortable

    Because bad boys don’t care about the opinion of others, they wear clothes that can make them feel comfortable.

  4. To look dangerous

    Bad boys wear clothes that convey a dangerous and threatening look. Sticking to the color black usually does the trick.

  5. Fitted clothes

    Bad boys don’t wear baggy clothes or clothes that don’t fit them perfectly. Bad boys have a lot of confidence and they try to convey this through a sharp look. (See How To Dress Like A Bad Boy?)

  6. A sense of mystery

    Bad boys wear clothes that reflect a sense of mystery, as this makes them appear more desirable. Black sunglasses and plain clothes usually do the job.

  7. Displaying their muscles

    Bad boys sometimes dress to display their muscles or ripped bodies. This is aligned with the goal of looking dangerous and threatening. (See How to strengthen your core muscles?)

  8. They don’t wear what everybody else does

    Bad boys never try to please people, and as a result, they only wear the clothes that appeal to them, disregarding what others think.

  9. Heavy duty clothes

    Bad boys usually wear heavy duty clothes as they allow them to do whatever they want without having to worry about their look.

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