How did Steve Jobs start the Apple company?

History of Apple: The story of Steve Jobs and the company he founded | Steve Jobs and the Apple Story!
  1. Young Steve learned how to assemble stuff

    When Steve was a little boy he used to passionately watch his father assemble different car components. He learned from his father how to build things and make them look good.

  2. Developed a passion for electronics

    Steve later developed a passion for electronics and electric circuits. He used to build components that were used to do pranks. He was totally in love with electronics.

  3. He met Wozz

    Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak when a friend introduced them to each other. They both shared the same passion for electronics and pranks.

  4. They came up with the blue box

    Both Steve and Woz got very excited one day when they knew they could hack the infrastructure of the largest phone company by inventing a device that can make calls for free. Woz invented the device and Steve decided to sell it.

  5. They formed a team

    Steve was good at selling and packaging. He pointed out to Woz that the bluebox can be sold for profit, and soon they sold more than 100 units. At this point they learned how to work together and this laid out the foundation for the Apple.

  6. Woz invented the Apple I

    Woz was the one to originally invent the PC that later became known as the Apple I. When Jobs saw it, he urged Woz to join him in a new start up that sells computers. (See Why did Steve Jobs name his company Apple?)

  7. Selling a few main boards

    The first sum of money that Apple made came from selling computer main boards to a small shop.

  8. Apple got funding

    Jobs kept contacting people to get funding for apple and finally Mike Markkula who used to work at Intel gave them the initial funding needed.

  9. Apple took off

    The second turning point for Apple was at the West Coast Computer Fair where Steve Jobs presented the improved Apple II computer Woz had created.

  10. If it hadn’t been for the Bluebox

    Steve jobs later Said that if he and Woz had never came up with the Bluebox, apple would have never been born. He said that this small step helped him realize that with Woz’s help he could compete with large companies and make profit.

  11. Luck meets brilliance

    Jobs said once ‘I was very lucky to find my passion early in life’. Jobs was persistent and extremely smart, but he was also lucky to come across Woz and to have found the opportunity after creating the Bluebox. (See What are the greatest achievements of Steve Jobs?)

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