How did Mark Zuckerberg come up with the idea of Facebook?

Why Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook? What convinced Mark Zuckerberg to come up with Facebook
  1. Mark Zuckerberg was studying computer science at Harvard

    Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard student who was passionate about computers and specifically programming. He was waiting for the right opportunity, and he was prepared with excellent coding skills.

  2. Getting introduced to private communities

    There was a special community inside Harvard that was like a secret club where only a few people were allowed in. Mark learned how a person who is outside the community would be eager to get inside the community.

  3. Facemash came up

    Mark broke up with his girlfriend and in attempt to get revenge he created a site called Facemash that allowed college students to compare the attractiveness of students with each other.

  4. Facemash made a lot of noise

    Facemash got very high traffic in a matter of hours and made a lot of noise. Even though it was taken down people knew how brilliant Mark Zuckerberg was.

  5. The Winklevoss twins came up with the idea

    It’s widely believed that Facebook wasn’t Mark’s idea but it was the idea of the Winklevoss twins who were former Harvard students.

  6. The Winklevoss twins contacted Mark

    The Winklevoss twins contacted Mark Zuckerberg after finding out about Facemash and asked him to code a private social network for Harvard students. Because he already knew about the power of private networks he loved the idea.

  7. It’s believed that Mark took the Winklevoss twins idea

    Mark stopped responding to the Winklevoss twins and created Facebook on his own. He claimed he is the creator of the of idea and later had to Face a lawsuit from the Winklevoss twins.

  8. Facebook was intended to be a private community

    The possibility of making Facebook available for everyone wasn’t there yet. But as Facebook became extremely popular among college students it was opened to the public.

  9. Sean Parker gave aid

    Sean Parker, one of the creators of the popular software Napster, joined the Facebook team early and gave Mark Zuckerberg a lot of guidance including the very useful tip of renaming the site to instead of (See How did Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg meet?)

  10. Facebook grew exponentially

    Facebook grew exponentially that it became larger than Myspace and Friendster, the two popular social networks that existed at that time.

  11. Facebook has over a billion users

    In 2015, Facebook announced it had more than 1.44 billion users. (See Why Is Facebook So Addictive?)

  12. His mom and sister taught him about psychology

    Mark’s mom Karen is a psychiatrist and his sister Randi is a psychologist. They taught him how people like to connect with each other and share events and stories. This inspired him to develop key Facebook features.

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