How did Amazon start?

A Very Brief History of Amazon: The Everything Store | Little-known facts about Amazon’s early days
  1. Jeff was passionate about computers

    Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, was extremely passionate about computers since his early years. He used to invent things, play programs, and spend a lot of time around computers.

  2. Jeff came across an interesting statistic about internet’s growth

    Jeff came across a statistic that predicted that the internet will grow at a rate of 2300% every year. He decided to take advantage of that extremely fast growing industry by selling something online.

  3. Jeff decided to sell books

    Jeff kept researching the things he can sell online then came up with the idea of selling books. He loved the idea of selling books because it allowed him to have so many different titles and products to sell to customers instantly.

  4. Jeff quit his Job

    Jeff had a decent Job. He was senior vice president at Wall Street investment banker D.E. Shaw & Co. He decided to quit his job to pursue his dream of starting an internet business.

  5. Jeff got his parent’s support

    Jeff told his parents about the Idea and they gave him 300,000 dollars to start Amazon. His parents said that the investment wasn’t in Amazon but it was in Jeff himself.

  6. Jeff and his wife started moving

    Jeff and MacKenzie, his wife, started driving west without having a particular destination in mind. Jeff was doing the business plan while MacKenzie was driving. He decided to call the business to reflect the large selection he will offer.

  7. Jeff decided to settle at seattle

    Jeff believed he can easily hire good programmers at Seattle so he decided to stay there. He started Amazon in the Garage of his two bedroom house. (See How Hotmail started?)

  8. Jeff made his meetings in barnes and noble

    Jeff was afraid that his new employees would not like the idea of a business that started in a Garage so he decided to make his employee interviews in barnes and noble.

  9. Amazon was launched July 16, 1995

    After the test site was ready. Jeff invited 300 of his friends and launched from his two bedroom house.

  10. Orders started coming from day 1

    Amazon started getting orders from day 1. The programmers made a circuit that rang a bell whenever they got an order. Later on the bell never stopped ringing and so it had to be turned off.

  11. A yahoo founder gave Amazon a push

    One of yahoo founders called Bezos and asked him to put his site on Yahoo’s what’s Cool list. Orders soared immediately as a result.

  12. Within 2 month sales reached 20,000 a week

    Amazon grew really fast with very little promotion. The company was expanding faster than Jeff or his team has imagined. (See How 9GAG started?)

  13. The office was moved to an industrial neighborhood

    Bezos moved amazon to an industrial neighborhood where he got a 1,100 feet office and a 400 Feet warehouse to store books before they get shipped to customers.

  14. Amazon went public in 1997

    By 1997 Amazon grew so big that it went public and became one of the serious competitors to Barnes and noble.

  15. Amazon became profitable in 2001

    In 2001 Amazon made its first profit. Amazon made 5 million in net profit which resulted from sales over 1 billion.

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