How can you Tell If You have a Photographic Memory?

What is Photographic Memory? How can you get it? What are different Methods to improve your Brain Power? What is a Loci method? How to take Eidetic Memory Test online?
how can you tell if you have a photographic memory

Memories are going to stay forever while time will pass by. This saying has been around us and everyone has different levels of mental power. Memorizing things is a plus point, and today you will get to know how can you train yourself to have a photographic memory and about the eidetic memory test online. Also, you will be able to figure out how can you tell if you have a photographic memory. 

1. What is Photographic Memory?

The ability to recall a past scene such accurately that it feels like you have a photograph in your mind is known as photographic memory. (See What is Elon Musk’s IQ? Is He a Genius?)

2. What is Eidetic Memory?

The ability of a person to recall an accurate image from his memory that he has seen briefly or just once, is known as eidetic memory. It is a temporary name for short-term memory. For example, you saw something on your way back home only for a flash of a second, but you are able to recall it clearly afterward. (See What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

3. How can you tell if you have a Photographic Memory?

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If you look at a picture, scene, image, or any other visual stimuli, it remains in your mind for a short period of time or sometimes for a longer time. Your photographic memory will allow you to visualize the incident or the picture just like a photograph. Also, check out when and how do body systems work together?)

4. How can you get a Photographic Memory?

Not everyone is capable of developing a photographic memory, but there are things that can be done to improve your mind power. There are a few methods that can help a person to improve their memory and the things they store in their mind. In order to get the proper answer to how can you tell if you have a photographic memory, you need to practice and train yourself in various mind games and scientific tricks. (See Why Studying Is Important?)

5. Can you Train yourself to have a Photographic Memory?

You can train your mind and improve your general memory to move towards a developed photographic memory. Take a look at the following steps to improve your memory.

  • Keep your mind active by solving crosswords and mind games.
  • Train your mind with games where you have to remember facts and figures, mostly pictures.
  • Associate new information with previously known information or images. (See What is Ideal Self and Real Self?)

6. Can be Practicing with Cards and Objects helpful?

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Yes, it can be helpful to train your mind to remember a deck of cards or a group of objects like dominoes. You can do it in the following way.

  • Take a deck of cards like UNO or any other playing cards.
  • Choose 3 random cards and memorize them.
  • Put the cards back in the deck, re-shuffle, and put them in order.
  • Find the cards you memorized and put them in the same order in which you memorized them. Must read what is the correct urder of Steps in the Scientific Method?

If you want to know how can you tell if you have a photographic memory, then practice this each and every day. (See Test To See If You need Glasses)

7. What is a Mnemonic System?

In this system, you have to rhyme the name of a person you just met with some random word or image so that you can recall it later easily. The Loci method and peg system are the commonly used methods from the mnemonic system. (See Significance of CBT Anger Management Therapy)

8. What is a Loci Method?

This method is also referred to as the memory palace. Now, follow the steps.

  • Think about the thing or person you want to remember and create a visual image of it.
  • Associate the thing you want to remember with some related things. For example, if you are trying to remember the address; you should imagine it written on the door. Visualize the door color, knob, etc.
  • Try to keep the imagery funny, silly, irrational, or bizarre. Some people find these types of imagery more relevant.
  • Whenever you wish to recall the address, you just need to visualize the door that you associated with it. (See What do You Want in Your Life?)

9. What is the Peg System?

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This system involves alphabets and associates them with things that you want to remember.

  • Create a mental image of the peg and label it with a number or a name.
  • Then you can hang on to whatever you want to associate it with, to remember. (See How to Stay in the Present?)

10. What is the Military Method?

This process of understanding how can you tell if you have a photographic memory, is very important for military people. The military personnel use to train the operatives to have a photographic memory is known as the military method. Things required to carry on this method are a dark room without any distractions, paper, books, and a bright lamp or light. (See What is the Difference Between Hearing and Listening?)

11. What are the Steps in the Military Method?

You need to do this exercise every day for 15 minutes for about a month to feel the results. To begin the training follow these steps.

  • Place the light or lamp in a place nearby where you do not have to move much or leave your place to turn it on or off.
  • Cut out a piece of paper about the same length as the paragraph you want to learn.
  • Place the paper on the page to check the size. Now you can see only that portion of the page which you want to learn.
  • Keep the book at a distance which makes reading effortless and start learning.
  • Turn the lights off and let your eyes adjust to the darkness, then again turn the lights on for a few seconds and again flip them off.
  • You should have a visual imprint of the image in front of you or in your mind.
  • When the image dissipates, repeat the on and off process once again. (See What does Siesta mean?)

You will have to keep repeating this process unless every word in the correct order is remembered by your brain. This is yet another way how can you tell if you have a photographic memory. (See How do I Sound When I record Myself?)

12. How to learn Focus and Avoid Distractions?

Memory training

It is important to focus on things or memories that you are trying to remember. Try to avoid all the distractions when you are trying to remember or memorize things. Although it may not always be possible to remove distractions, a better way is to use them as a cue to recall things you are trying to remember. (See What is a Positive Mindset?)

13. How to take Eidetic Memory Test online?

There are different types of tests available online, pictures-based, questionnaires, etc. Here I have mentioned some questions which you can answer to see if you have an eidetic memory or not.

  • Under which circumstances can you remember better? Is it the pressure or the calm?
  • Which highlights your memory the most, social situations or solitary?
  • An outline or a flash card, which was more useful when you studied for a test?
  • What was the color of your shirt on your last birthday?
  • The name of the last person you were mad at or the name of your crush, which of the two can you recall more easily?
  • When you are mad or scared, out of the two when is your memory on the highest level? (See Importance of Books in Our Life)

14. What are other Methods to boost your Memory?

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There are various other ways that can help you improve your brain power. Take a look at the following ways in how can you tell if you have a photographic memory.

So now you know how can you tell if you have a photographic memory. Also, you got to know about how can you train yourself to have a photographic memory and about the eidetic memory test online. (Also read How Are Photographs Put On Cakes?)

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