How can You measure Temperature?

What are the Types of Temperature Scales? How many Ways can We check Temperature? How can You use a Thermometer?
how can you measure temperature

Temperature refers to the degree of hotness or coldness of a body, either living or non-living in which heat flows from one direction to another. So, how can you measure temperature, and why do we measure temperature in our daily life? Well, most of you must have done it at home and in your chemistry lab where you have to take the temperature of a certain liquid to carry out the experiment. In this article, you will come across the answers to these questions along with how to use a thermometer and the four methods of measuring temperature. So, let’s start and learn about it all! 

1. Why do We measure Temperature?

We measure temperature to find out the hotness and coldness of a body. The temperature of a body helps us know whether a person is ill or not. The high temperature in a body depicts fever. Changes in body temperatures may lead to various problems. And studying weather and atmospheric temperature helps us know how hot or cold the atmosphere is. So, read till the end if you are interested in knowing how can you measure temperature. Must read what is the temperature of water at room temperature?

2. What are the 4 Types of Temperature Scales?

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Temperature is a physical quantity that is used to measure the average kinetic energy per atom. It is measured using four major scales. Four types of temperature scales are:

  • Fahrenheit Scale: The most common scale for measuring body temperature is the Fahrenheit scale. The temperature for freezing water in Fahrenheit is 32-degree Fahrenheit and for boiling water, it is 212-degree Fahrenheit. It also includes negative temperatures that are below zero degrees F.
  • Celsius Scale: The Celsius scale, also known as Centigrade, has divisions of 100 degrees based on the boiling and freezing points. It is used to measure atmospheric temperatures.
  • Kelvin Scale: It is an absolute thermodynamic scale of temperature which means it uses absolute zero as its null point. It is an absolute scale so measurements made by it do not have degrees.
  • Rankine Scale: It is also an absolute scale of thermodynamic temperature. It is used for engineering calculations.

3. How many Ways can We check Temperature?

How can you measure temperature? Well, we should use a thermometer. We can check the temperature using the following methods.

  • Oral: When you place the thermometer in the mouth below the tongue.
  • Tympanic: When you place the thermometer in your ear.
  • Rectal: When the thermometer is usually placed on the child’s bottom.
  • Axillary: When you place the thermometer in the armpit.

4. How can You measure Temperature?

Temperature can be measured with the help of a thermometer. We can also use various thermometers for measuring body as well as atmospheric temperatures. Also, check out what is North Pole temperature today?

5. What are the 3 Ways to measure the Temperature?

Temperature can be measured with the three main scales that are used worldwide. These are the Celsius scale, Fahrenheit Scale and Kelvin Scale. Each scale has a different division that is based on different reference points. Must read how elevation affects climate?

6. What are Four Methods of Measuring Temperature?

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Since temperature is a physical quantity, different methods are used for measuring temperatures. To get a complete idea of how can you measure temperature in detail, go through the following four methods of measuring temperature:

A. Mechanical Methods

  • Mercury in glass thermometers: These thermometers consist of a glass tube in which mercury is enclosed, when the thermometer gets heated up the Mercury expands above the glass in the tube where a scale is fixed. this helps to measure temperature. 
  • Bimetallic thermometers: Here the used metals get heated after they expand at their specific rates as they and the temperature on the scales are indicated using the movement of its strips.
  • The Gas-filled thermometers: These thermometers measure temperature using the volumetric temperature expansion of the gas which is present in the measuring element. 
  • Vapour Pressure thermometers: These types of thermometers are used for industrial and commercial purposes as they are less expensive thermometers. They use a pressure gauge to indicate the temperature of the gas.

B. Electrical Methods

  • Thermocouples: Thermocouples follow Seeback Effect which tells us that EMF is induced only in the closed circuit if that circuit is formed with two dissimilar metals having different temperatures at their junctions.
  • Resistance Thermometer: It measures temperature which changes with the change in resistance of a platinum wire and it is calibrated against a standard resistance. 

C. Rectal Method

 The rectal method uses petroleum jelly to find the internal temperature of the body and it is inserted into the rectum to get the accurate temperature.

D. Celsius and Fahrenheit Method

The Celsius and Fahrenheit scale are the most common types of measurement of body temperature. The Celsius scale indicates 0 degrees for the freezing point and for the boiling point of water, it shows 100 degrees. If you want to convert Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit, you can use this formula-
F = 9/5 C + 32.

7. Can you use a Device to measure Temperature?

Yes, we can use a device to measure temperature. The device used to measure temperature is known as a thermometer. 

8. What is the Tool used to measure Temperature?

The tool used to measure temperature is known as a thermometer. It specifies the degree as to how high or lows the temperature is. You can also read what instrument is used to measure mass of an object?

9. How can You use a Thermometer?

We can use a thermometer in three ways:

  • Orally by placing the thermometer below the tongue
  • Rectally which includes placing the thermometer gently inside the rectum.
  • Axillary which includes placing the thermometer in the armpit.

10. What are the Different Types of Thermometers?

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Different types of Thermometers include:

  • Clinical or Medical Thermometers: These are used to measure body temperatures. They are accurate and are used by doctors in clinics as well as by normal people in their homes.
  • Laboratory Thermometers: These are used to measure the room temperature of liquids and hot solids during experiments.
  • Digital Thermometers: These are used to measure the temperature by using an electric circuit. They are fast, highly accurate, and inexpensive.
  • Infrared Ear thermometers: The temperature of the ear is known as Tympanic membrane temperature. It is used to take body temperature from inside the ears.

Hope now you got to know why do we measure temperature and how can you measure temperature. If you find this article helpful, share this piece with your friends and ask them about the four methods of measuring temperature, and how to use a thermometer. (Also read How Is Energy Measured?)

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