How Are Ponies and Horses Different?

Horses vs Ponies: What’s the Difference? Distinguishing Between Horses and Ponies.
How Are Ponies and Horses Different?
  1. Are ponies’ infant horses?

    Well, loads of people get confused between them and think ponies’ are the baby horses, but that’s not true. They are from the same species and come from a similar family tree. Pony is not a young horse that has not grown to maturity yet; they remain small even if they are fully grown.

  2. The main difference is of height

    A pony is usually 14.2hh and under, whereas a horse is over 14.2 hh. This is not a thumb rule as there would be horses less than 14.2 hands tall and ponies’ with more than 14.22hh.

  3. Hair: Coat, Mane and Tail

    Another distinction amongst them is the density of the coats and roughness of the hair. Ponies’ hairs and tail grow long, dense and rough. Hair gives them to shield against the cold weather.

    Usually, the horses have thin coats in summer and grow dense hair during cold weather. Horses that grow in Arabian and Akhil Teke’s have skin coats as per the warm climate.

  4. Heads

    A pony has a short head with big eyes and small ears, whereas a horse has long heads with big nostrils and big ears.

  5. Bone Density

    Ponies are more robust than horses and have more solid bones than horses. As per a study, ponies’ bones are thicker than the horses.

  6. Temperament

    It is said that ponies are more intelligent than horses, and also, they are very stubborn. In fact, horses are said to be more calm and willing. Also, horses develop slowly as compared to the ponies’.

  7. Difference by personality and characteristics

    Ponies are strong than horses because of their stocky size, and they are well known for pulling and carrying large loads. Their hooves are more durable, and they have more ability to handle different temperature ranges. (See What is the difference between a Rabbit and a Hare?)

  8. Life span

    Usually, the horses have a life of about 20-30 years, whereas a pony can live up to 40 or 50.

  9. Diet

    Pony usually has a limited diet as compared to the horses. They need half the day and no grain at all, which makes it pretty easy to overfeed a pony. Therefore, it is essential to supervise the diet of a pony.

  10. Cost

    Usually, ponies’ are reasonable to purchase and keep. Also, ponies need little feed; therefore, its day to day cost is even less. (See How Much Does It Cost To Own A Horse?)

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