Hottest Desert in the World

Why is the Desert so Hot? How can One survive in such Heat? Where is the Hottest Place in the World? What is the Maximum Temperature of a Desert? Are there any Places hotter than a Desert?
hottest desert in the world

You are well aware of the fact that our Earth has several deserts. These are the places that are considered to be waterless or with very little water. Deserts also provide a living habitat to several animal species, mainly reptiles. Plants grown here are not of much variety and the most surviving plant in the desert is the cactus.  But which of them is the hottest desert of all? Apart from the deserts where is the hottest place in the world located?

1. Where is The Lut Desert?

The Lut Desert: hottest desert in the world 1

The Lut Desert is located in the southeast of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is the hottest place in the world. Iran is climatically part of the Afro-Asian belt of deserts. This belt stretches from Mauritania to Mexico. The Lut Desert is mostly called the Dasht-e Lut, which in Persian means Emptiness Plain. The name is taken from the word lut which means bare or empty

It is the 34th largest desert in the world. On 17th July 2016, the Lut Desert was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The surface temperature of this desert has been recorded as almost 70 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is among the hottest desert in the world and also the driest. The desert on average is spread over 51,800 square kilometers. There is hardly any rainfall and if a shower falls in the spring season, then the water dries soon. Must read the article how hot is Lava in Fahrenheit?

The hottest place in the Lut Desert is Gandom Beryan, a large plateau covered in dark lava. It is spread over an area of 480 square kilometers. (See What are the Names of Coldest Places on Earth?)

2. How can you Describe the Ecosystem of the Lut Desert?

You all experience such immense heat during the summer, but compared to the people, the flora, and the fauna living in deserts, your summers are way less hot than their everyday temperature range. Although the Lut desert experiences such high temperatures, a few species of animals and birds are found here over a distance from the main desert. But as it is the hottest desert so no vegetation develops here.

Fauna species like foxes, bog horses, cats, solar spiders, a few types of geckos, and the Persian Ground Jay, one of the two only endemic birds of Iran, are found here. (See Why Do Potatoes Sprout?)

3. Where is the Sonoran Desert Located?

Sonoran Desert: hottest desert in the world 2

It is located in Mexico and the United States. This desert is wrapped around the Gulf of California. It is the hottest desert in Mexico, having an area of 260,000 square kilometers. Rainfall received on annual basis is less than 90 mm. The temperature here ranges between 40 degrees to 48 degrees Celsius. (See How many Islands in the Philippines are Known?)

4. How can you Describe the Flora and Fauna of the Sonoran Desert?

saguaro cactus

The famous saguaro cactus grows here along with several other types of cacti.  The cactus provides a home to many animals. Shrubs like Bur sage, indigo bush, Mormon tea, etc. also grow here. Wildflowers like evening primroses, desert sand verbena, and desert sunflower also bloom here. Trees and subtrees growing in this region include crucifixion thorn, desert willow, velvet mesquite, etc. In the Colorado Desert section of the Sonoran Desert, the California Fan Palm is also found. (See Do Sunflowers Grow Back Every Year?)

Jaguars live in the area near the Mexican border. This is the only habitat left for them in the United States. Drosophila mettleri, a distinctive insect species, also known as the Sonoran Desert Fly lives here. Must read the article on 10 types of dart frogs.

5. How Hot is The Sahara Desert?

Camels walking on the hot desert sand of the Sahara Desert

Also known as the Greatest Desert, it is located in the continent of Africa. Having an area of 92,00,000 square kilometers it is the largest low-latitude hot desert in the world and overall, the third largest desert. It is located in horse latitude. The name Sahara is derived from an Arabic word for desert Sahra which means empty. (Also read 8 Sand Storms Facts)

There is continuous light and thermal radiation. The weather is always sunny, dry, and stable. The chance for rainfall is close to minimal. The sunshine is extremely high throughout the day. On average, the sunshine received is more than 3600 hours per annum which is over 82% of daylight hours. While an eastern part of the desert receives 91% of daylight hours which is about 4000 hours of bright sunshine per year. During the hottest months of the year, the average temperature of the desert exceeds 38° to 40° C. The Sahara Desert is marked as the hottest large region in the world due to the following reason:

  • The geographical position, (See How Hot is the Sun?)
  • Relative Humidity is extremely low, and
  • The lack of vegetation.

6. Can you Describe the Ecosystem of the Sahara Desert?

dama gazelle: hottest desert in the world 4

Grasses, spiny shrubs, acacia trees, succulents, and palms have adapted to this kind of climate of the Sahara Desert.

The Dorcas Gazelle Rhim gazelle and Dama gazelle are found here because they can go on for a long period without water. Similarly, A large white antelope, known by the name of Addax also live here, which also can go without drinking water for a long period. Diverse species of foxes like Ruppell’s fox, fennec fox, and pale fox exist here. Birds like the red-necked ostrich, African silver bell, and black-faced firefinch exist in this hottest desert habitat. (See Do Bees Have Ears?)

7. Where is The Atacama Desert?

atacama desert

It is a desert plateau in South America which covers an area of about 1,600 Kilometers on the Pacific coast and west of the Andes Mountains. The main reason for its extreme aridity is the constant temperature inversion. The main characteristic of the Atacama Desert is that it lacks precipitation. It is known as the driest place on the Earth. It is among the oldest deserts in the world and has experienced extreme hyper aridity for almost 3 million years. (See Where does Sea Glass come from?)

8. Can you Describe the Flora and Fauna of The Atacama Desert?

Humming bird of the Atacama Desert

Over 500 species of plants have adapted to this extreme arid climate. Common herbs and flowers like saltgrass, llareta, and thyme along with trees such as leafy algarrobo, chañar, and pimiento trees are found here. These are accompanied by a variety of cactus also. The flowering season in the Atacama Desert is from September to November. Also, check out can parrots really talk?

Beetles, sand-colored grasshoppers, butterflies, and wasps (during the warm season) along with the red scorpion are found here. Flamingos like Andean and Chilean flamingoes are seen here as well. Other seasonal birds including species of rufous-collared sparrow, hummingbirds, and the endangered Chilean wood star visit here. Humans are populated along the Pacific Coasts in small towns. (See What meanings and symbolism do birds have?)

9. Where is The Mojave Desert?

Mojave Desert

Another hottest desert is located in the South-western United States on the rain shadow part of the Sierra Nevada. It is known to be among the four American deserts but is the driest and smallest of them. It is named after the Indigenous Mojave people. The climate is extreme in the summer and winter. Winters have snow and ice precipitation while the summers can have temperatures above 38°C to 57°C. Powered by the Pacific Cyclonic Storms, the region receives annual precipitation up to 51 to 152 mm. The hottest months are from March to October. (See Who Named Our Planet Earth?)

10. How can you Describe the Ecosystem of The Mojave Desert?

mojave rattlesnake

In the Mojave desert, various endemic plant species, especially the Joshua tree, an indicator species of the desert are present. The main plants found in this region include various types of cacti like silver cholla, many-headed barrel cactus, beavertail cactus, etc. And other main plants are white burro bush, brittlebush, desert holly, etc.

Various types of insects, rodents, mammals, and amphibians are residing in this region. Some of them are the Mojave ground squirrel, Amargosa vole, Kelso Dunes Jerusalem cricket, etc. Snakes like Desert Rosy Boa, Mojave rattlesnake, and Mojave patch nose snake are also inhibited here. (See Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?)

11. Where is the Hottest Place in the World?

The Flaming Mountains

The Flaming Mountains lie near the northern rim of the Taklamakan Desert and the city of Turpan on the east. They are barren, red, and eroded sandstone hills. Also known as Gaochang Mountains, they are named flaming because of the gullies and trenches made by red sandstone bedrock erosion which gives these mountains a flaming look. Although they do not come in the category of the hottest desert in the world, they surely have the hottest climate ever. They range up to 100 Kilometers in length and 5-10 kilometers wide. The average height is 1600 ft, while some of its peaks reach up to 2600 ft. They experience harsh climates ranging from 50° C to 66° C. (See 10 Whirlpool in Lakes Facts)

12. What is The Death Valley?

Death Valley is located in southeast California, U.S. To be more specific, it is located near the border between the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin. The temperature has reached up to 54 degrees Celsius. It is the lowest, hottest, and driest location in the US.  (See What is a Cold Front?)

After gaining information about all the hottest desert in the world, you also got to know about where is the hottest place in the world. (See Why does Black Absorb more Heat?)

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