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What is High Five, and Who created it? What is the High Five Symbol and Emojis? What is a Team High Five? What are various High Five Quotes? When is National High Five Day celebrated?
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There are numerous types of hand gestures that you have been using for a long time. Handshakes, thumbs up, high five, etc. are some of the most common ones. So, while we are on this topic, maybe you wonder who created the high five and the high 5 emoji or the high five symbol. Coming to think of it, is it hi five or high five? How about you take a look at some high five quotes. In this blog, you will also get to know about team high five facts. 

1. What is a High Five?

A hand gesture when two people simultaneously raise one hand each, at a height of about their heads, and hit each other’s palm is termed a high five. The hit can be a push, slide, or slap on the palm. It is often referred to as high five, give me five, up high, etc. (See Submissive Body Language Signals)

2. Who created the High Five?

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There are numerous people who claim to have invented the high five. But the documented entries of the probable inventors of this term are Johnny B Baker Jr. (Dusty Baker) and Glenn Burke. They both were former baseball players from the team Los Angeles Dodgers. Another entry is Wiley Brown and Derek Smith of the Louisville Cardinals men’s college basketball team. (See The body language of happiness)

3. Who actually came up with the High Five?

Lamont Sleets was a professional basketball player who is credited to be the inventor of the High Five. All the other personalities came later than him. He is said to have invented this term during his basketball career from 1979 to 1984. The Oxford English Dictionary has incorporated the term since 1980 as a noun. Later in 1981, it was added as a verb too. (See I Fly By the Seat of My Pants Meaning)

4. What are High Five Symbol and High 5 Emoji?

Before talking about high five quotes, let’s talk about modern gadgets and virtual keyboards with various emojis in them. There is one sign with two joined hands that look similar to the hands joined in prayer. Some people consider this as a prayer sign while for others it is a high five sign. However, to clear out the confusion, a senior emoji researcher at the Emojipedia (website), Keith Broni, said that these are the folded hands of an individual and not a gesture of high five. The actual symbol or emoji refers to a hand held up showing its palm, to stop, or to give a high-five gesture. (See What are Text Features?)

5. Is there any Emoji similar to High Five?

Referring to the emoji keyboard and other virtual keyboards, the inbuilt emoji keyboard in the Microsoft Teams app (all platforms) features an animated smiley face putting its palm forward. It is similar to the way you do a high five. (See What does the laughing crying emoji mean?)

6. What is a Team High Five?

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Dial pad has launched a video conferencing platform named the High Five Video Conferencing App for the Android platform to make group video calls. It is available free to download from the Google Play Store. 

7. What are Different Variations of High Five?

The classical high five has its own different versions. Before moving forward toward the high five quotes, take a look at the list below for a brief description of these variations.

  • Air Five: This is the variation in which the palms of the participants do not touch each other. They only make the gesture by raising their hands in front of each other.
  • Hand Grab: This action happens when both the parties hold each other’s hand during a high five or shake the hand of the opposite party while the hands are still in the air.
  • Left Hanging: When a person raises his hand for a high five, but the other person does not reciprocate, the person initiating the high five is termed to have been left hanging.
  • Self-High Five: This is the action in which a person raises his right hand for a high five and reciprocates it with his left hand.
  • Too Slow: The sequence of high five and low five is done on the rhyme Up High Down Low. (See What are the Types and Examples of Text to Text Connections?)

8. Is it Hi Five or High Five?

This palm gesture has been around since the 1970s or even before when the movies hit the cinemas. Since this gesture was not referred to as a high five during that time, therefore there is no documented record of the same. The word hi five refers to someone saying hello or hi to a group of 5 or calling someone by nickname. The latter high five is just a hand gesture. (See Which is Correct? Families or Family’s)

9. What are the High Five quotes?

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Janet Evanovich is an American author who has written various top-selling novels and series novels. One of her works includes a mystery fiction named High Five. The book was published on 1-January-1999. Below are some quotes from her novel along with some other high five quotes from the book, The High 5 Habits, by Mel Robbins.

  • How many times have I told you not to hit people in the face? You kick them in the body where it does not show
  • That is one of the things I like about Mary Lou. She is willing to believe the worst about anyone
  • Your dreams are your responsibility. No one is coming.
  • Your mind is designed to help you achieve your dreams. Your job is to believe it is possible and encourage yourself to keep walking toward it.
  • You are looking in the wrong mirror when you look for your worth in other people’s approval. Must read about the examples of famous acrostic poems.

10. What is National High Five Day?

In 2002, students of the University of Virginia organized the National High Five Project in which they gave out free Lemonades and high five from their booth. This event took place on the 3rd Thursday of April. Commemorating this event, the National High Five Day is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of April.

Irrespective of the fact who created the high five, high 5 emoji, or the high five symbol, you always have fun doing hi five or high five. Moreover, the high five quotes mentioned in the book The High 5 Habits by Mel Robbins can actually improve your life in a better way. Also, to help yourself and your team with a good group video conferencing app, you can opt for a team high five app. (Also read Why only 26 Alphabets in One Word: Ever Wondered?)

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