10 Golden Rules of Life

How to live a Good Life and Attain Peace? Read Golden Rules of Living Life to the Fullest
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Life is a journey in which we pass through different stages namely childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Often, in certain circumstances, we find ourselves stuck in our lives. But it is important to understand that life is not stuck, we are. Either in our minds or our hearts. So let us break free by setting some golden rules of life. These would be subjective, however, we have enlisted a few to help you out!

1. Be Grateful: You are Blessed

Every little thing in your life is a blessing even if you consider it to be basic. Remember not everyone has what you have. May it be your health, wealth, relationships, or job, always be thankful for it. Destiny and wishes work in different patterns. So, if you think that there’s nothing to be grateful for, just wish for something you want. Believe in magic and it will happen. Hence, never lose hope.

2. Leave Toxic Relationships: Your Life, Your Rules

Never let anyone or anything take control of your life. Only let those people in who have an impact on your life in a positive way. Those who are your real well-wishers. If anyone is pushing you back or disturbing your mental peace then understand that the relationship with them is not worth it. Thus, stand up for yourself and stop wasting your life after them. Not only friendship, but this is one of the golden rules of life which applies to all relationships. Since we cannot control anything, we can control what and how we feed our minds. (See Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

3. Stay Fit: Your Body is Your Temple

Another one of the golden rules of life is to stay fit. You have to live in the body that you have been given from the day you were born till your deathbed. So why not take good care of it? Physical health is one of the most important aspects of leading a proper life. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. So don’t neglect your home either; keep it clean & organized. Make your body feel respected and loved. Find a physical activity that works for you and boosts your physical, emotional & mental health simultaneously.

4. Take Breaks: Maintain Your Hobbies

A healthy soul resides in a healthy body and a healthy soul originates from a sound mind. Simply speaking, if your mind is not at rest then how can your soul be? Therefore, throw the negative thoughts out and bring in some good vibes. Watch, read, travel, or do anything which pleases you. Keep your mind fresh and at peace. Create and maintain hobbies for yourself. This is another golden rules of life. (See Psychology of Ignoring Someone)

5. Choose Positivity: Absorb Only Good

Life is a mixture of different things – good & bad, or useful & useless. From that, you can choose to pick what tunes with you. Everything and everyone that you meet has something or the other to offer. Thus, make it one of the golden rules of living to absorb only the positive from them. For instance, goodness, warmth, and kindness can create an ambient environment for you as well as others.

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6. Move Forward: Never Let Your Mistakes Stop You

We all make mistakes. But this does not mean that we should stop and keep overthinking. We should give those mistakes a moment of realization as to why and how things went wrong. Analyze it, learn the lesson, and move on. Try to avoid similar mistakes in the future. But do not stop your life at one place just because of the fear of making mistakes again.

7. Be Yourself: Do Not Run After Perfection

No one can be perfect in everything or anything for that matter. One day or the other, we all are bound to make mistakes. Even in the things which we believe that we are perfect at. However, it is very simple that we should strive to give our best in everything we do. Life is a process of trying, failing, experimenting, and learning. By seeking perfection, we deprive ourselves of the experiences of life. So, never cease learning, no matter the age. (See What are the positive psychological effects of plastic surgery?)

8. Live in The Present: Accept Changes

Change is the only constant. So why do you want to become an antique model and stay at the same place? Rigidity is pathological. Move with the pace of life and accept the changes as and when they occur. If you cannot accept the changes right away, then give yourself some time and try again. Live in the present and let go of the worries of the past and the future as well. Just give your best efforts and let them shape your destiny.

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9. Let it Go: Apologize and Forgive

Life is not to be wasted on grudges and painful memories. Admit the mistakes, say sorry and move on. It may be possible that you do not receive closure every time. But that’s okay. Learn to forgive yourself, and others equally. This helps you let go of burdens you don’t need to be carrying. You will feel lightened and this is one of the magical golden rules of life. (See The Seat of The Soul Summary)

10. Create Balance: Focus, Aim, Achieve

This life is full of emotions and reality checks which are powerful enough to either push you forward or pull you back or throw you to the ground. So, learn to balance your emotions and logic. Remember, if any relation is true and meant to be yours, they will support and guide you towards success. And if not, they are going to pull you back. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

So, these are some amazing golden rules of life that you can follow to achieve peace and success in life. Just live peacefully and let others live in peace as well.

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