Go Dawgs Sic Em Meaning

What is the Meaning of the Phrase? When did it Originate? Why is it used? Is it Useful or not?
Go Dawgs Sic Em

Dogs are considered human best friends, and they have always proved it. But they are very obedient and good listeners too. All it takes is to raise a dog with proper training. But how does the phrase go dawgs sic em related to these friendly fellows? When did sic em origin and what is the meaning of sic em or sick em in dogs’ language? Let us today uncover this informative point regarding dogs.

1. Meaning of Sic Em or Sick Em

  • The word sic or sick is the misspelled word for seeking. It was an instruction given to the dogs for chasing someone. It can also be an instruction given to the dog to attack someone.
  • The phrase sick em got popular when a rock punk band released an album under this name. Seek them is the correct interpretation of this phrase. However, in some cases, the dog interprets the phrase go dawgs sic em as come to the master. You can also check out ahoy hoy meaning and usage.
  • The word sic means thus in the Latin language. The term is also used to point out someone’s misspelled word if you do not want yourselves to be blamed for the misspelling or mistake made by someone else.
  • You need to add sic at the end of the word or sentence if you repeat it. But it is not necessarily used every time someone makes a mistake in writing a wrong spelling. Ramon Adam described in 1968 that this term was an expression used by a cowboy. The expression made by the cowboy meant ignorant. (Also read Different Words for Breasts)

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2. Origin of Go Dawgs Sic Em 

The phrase came into existence in the 19th century. Some people use this phrase and instruct their dogs to chase away animals or people. The exact origin of the phrase is unknown. However, people told in a survey conducted by the American Speech magazine, in 1961, about how they came across this phrase. Some heard their friends saying this, while others heard it from their neighbors saying it out loud.

One thing common among these responses from people was that they mentioned this phrase was being used as a command for the dog. Some of them told their friends to say go dawgs sic em to their dog. The first time a dog was instructed through this phrase was in The Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, written by Johnson J. Hooper in 1845. (Also read Gesundheit Origin Story)

3. Reason to Use this Command for Dogs

  • Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell and hearing. Being descended from the wolf species, they have the same instincts and behavior. That behavior helps humans to use dogs in many security-related works.
  • Dogs respond to short and sharp commands faster than long commands. While you make sounds like shhh, sic em, etc., the dog’s attention instantly shifts towards you. They are quick learners, and guard dogs are specially trained to respond and react quickly.
  • Wolves live in a pack and follow their one leader, alpha. Dogs have been living among humans for centuries now and also live around the other species of dogs too. When a human trains them, that person becomes an alpha for them. Because training a dog effectively is very important for them to respond to the commands given by their alpha. (Also read 7 Facts About Dog Sled Teams)

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So, go dawgs sic em is a type of command given to dogs. Dogs are trained to attack or chase after responding to this command from their alpha. You also got to know about some other meanings of the term sic em or sick em, along with the reason for the phrase sic em origin. (Also read Infinite Monkey Theorem Proof)

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