Game of Thrones Season 3 Summary

Game of Thrones Season 3 Ultimate Recap | Game of Thrones Season 3 Summary
  1. Theon was caught and tortured

    Theon was Caught by Ramsay Snow , the Bastard Son of Roose Bolton, who tortured him badly and then cut his man part. Ramsay sent Theon’s Man part in a box to his father and sister.

  2. Bran knew he is a warg

    Bran realized he can see things through the eyes of animals , control animals with his mind and see true visions of things that are yet to happen.

  3. Sandor Clegane accompanied Arya

    Sandor Clegane found Arya and decided to relieved her to a safe place to get a reward in Gold. He took Arya on his horse and started looking for a destination. During the journey he knew that Arya wishes to kill him.

  4. Robb and Catelyn were killed

    Robb and Catelyn went to apologize to Walder frey because Robb married Talisa instead of his daughter. Walder and Roose bolton turned out to have made an arrangement with the Lannisters. They killed Robb and catelyn then took their army by surprise and slaughtered the men.

  5. Jon Snow loved Ygritte

    Jon Snow loved Ygritte, a Wildling woman he mett, when he was accompanying the Wildlings. Jon kept collecting information about the Wildlings to deliver it to the men of the night’s watch when he gets back.

  6. The Wildlings decided to attack the wall

    The wildlings gathered their men and marched towards Castle black. Jon Snow escaped , returned back to castle black and warned the men.

  7. Bran saw Jon Snow

    Bran decided to go north to seek an explanation for his dreams. On his way he saw Jon Snow fighting the Wildlings then he saw him fleeing. Samwell met bran and told him to go to Castle Black but Bran decided to head north. (See Why is Bran Stark going north of the wall?)

  8. Jaime Lannister lost his hand before returning back

    Jaime Lannister returned to King’s landing safely after losing a hand when he was captured by Roose Bolton’s men. Roose didn’t like what his men did to Jaime.

  9. Craster and Jeor Mormont were killed

    During a debate with Craster a fight started. Craster was killed then shortly some men of the night’s watch turned against the others and killer Joer Mormont.

  10. Daenerys got an army

    Daenerys bought an army from the city of Astapor then she sacked the city, freed the slaves , asked them to join her and they did.

  11. Tywin ordered Tyrion to marry Sansa

    Tywin made an arrangement for Tyrion to Marry Sansa and for Cersei to marry Loras. He wanted to have control of the north as well as have an alliance with House Tyrell. (See Game of Thrones: Why Cersei hates Tyrion?)

  12. Gendry was captured by Stannis

    Stannis’ men caught Gendry with the help of Melisandre. Gendry knew he is the Bastard son of Robert. Melisandre put Gendry in jail after she convinced Stannis that Gendry’s blood can be used to make powerful magic since it’s royal blood. Davos set Gendry free and helped him escape.

  13. Tyrion knew that Joffrey wanted to kill him

    Tyrion realized that the one who gave orders to the solider to kill him in battle was Joffrey and not Cersei.

  14. Daenerys took over Yunkai

    After Daenerys took over Yunkai he told the slaves that they can join her as free men. Tens of Thousands of slaves joined her and started called her ‘Mhysa’ which stands for mother.

  15. Yara decided to save Theon

    Yara , Theon’s sister, decided to attack Ramsay Snow and save her brother. Balon was indifferent to the fact that his son was captured.

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