9 Funny Prank Call Ideas

Are you bored sitting at home without having anything to do? Best funny prank call ideas for your friends and family!
Funny Prank Call Ideas

1. Chance to Win

This prank is one of the best funny prank call ideas for friends that you can use. Call them and tell them that you are calling from a local radio station and they have a chance to win free tickets to their favorite band/artist concert or passes for their favorite buffet. However, inform them that to win those tickets they will have to answer your questions correctly.  Then, ask them something like, Is a hotdog a sandwich? or why is water wet. Afterward, when they answer your question, tell them that they have guessed the wrong answer and didn’t win those tickets.

2. Distressed Lover

Call your friend and tell them how much you love and miss them. But when they ask, instead of disclosing your identity, pretend to be hurt. Ask multiple friends to tell them the same thing. You can take this prank up a notch by faking to break down and getting them to console you.

3. Haunted House Story

 This is one of the best funny prank call ideas for friends. Call someone and tell them that you are the previous owner of the house and want to confess something. Then, in a quiet and creepy voice, instruct them that they need to listen to you very carefully. Inform them that some years ago, a family was murdered in that house and is now, haunted by their souls. Try to sound as convincing as possible. However, when you feel that they are feeling extremely stressed cut short the prank and let them know it’s you.

4. Fake Crush

Call someone you know and tell them that you are their secret admirer. Compliment them and get them to divulge information about themselves. Once you have reached a point where you can’t drag the conversation any longer, get them to agree to meet you at a certain location for the identity reveal. Meet them at the location for the big reveal. We will advise you to wear protective gear, in case, it gets really ugly. This is one of the common funny prank call ideas for friends. (See What are some good dares for texting?)

5. Order Customized Food

Another one of the funny prank call ideas is to call a restaurant and order food that is completely different from their menu. The most classic version of this prank is calling a pizza place like Domino’s and ordering a pizza that is made by Pizza Hut. Later, when they tell you that they do not sell such a pizza, ask them if Pizza Hut does and if you could have their phone number. This is a harmless prank that will be a lot of fun.

6. Phone Cleaning Alert

This is an office prank that works best with someone you know. Call a friend of yours and tell them that you are calling from a phone cleaning company and your company will be doing a phone line blowup to clear up the dirt that has gotten accumulated resulting in a loss of clarity. Warn them that this will be done by sending 420 volts of electricity through the phone lines and that all the office members should refrain from using the phone for the next few hours. Your prank will get hilarious results if you know that they went around the office broadcasting this message to their colleagues. (See Why do some people always keep their phones silent?)

7. Survey Prank Call

This prank doesn’t require you to know the person you are calling and is funny even with strangers. Call a person and tell them that you work for a company that conducts surveys in exchange for discounts such as Amazon gift cards. Then proceed by asking them questions like, have you eaten ice cream with ketchup or why can’t silence be heard. The answers are certainly going to be hilarious and the person on the other end will get frustrated.

8. I Got Your Wallet

One of the best funny prank call ideas for friends is to call a friend of yours and tell them that you have found a wallet with their phone number inside it, along with cash and other valuables. Ask them if it’s theirs. If they agree, then get them to meet you somewhere, only to let them know that they have been played. This one is surely going to get a lot of laughs on your next hangout.

9. Job Done Call

Call a friend or a random person and then, tell them that the job is done. When they enquire about what job you are talking about, inform them about the person that they asked you to kill. You can say something like, The job that you hired me for. I have killed the person and the body has been burnt as you requested. This one is surely going to give them goosebumps. We would recommend that you try this with your buddies only to avoid any callbacks from the police. This is a dark yet, funny prank call ideas for friends. 

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