16 Fun Facts About France

What do you call a person who speaks French fluently? What was the original name of Paris?
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France-O-Pedia: Interesting & fun facts about France

1. Varieties of Cheese

France has in total around 1600 distinct varieties of cheese. Ranging from Banon to Valencay, it has cheese of all the textures and tastes. They vary in their quantitative analysis as well.

2. Called As Hexagon

France is also called a hexagon. It is the third-largest country in Europe having a six-sided shape, referred to as I’Hexagone. The country is the fourth highest forested country and 1,633,000 hectares of planted forest. This is one of the interesting and fun facts about France.

3. Reign of Louis XIX

Louis XIX has the shortest ever reign. Yes, it is right! The reign lasted for 20 minutes only. Interesting fact, isn’t it? He died 20 minutes after ascending the throne due to an uncured wound. (See How did Robert Baratheon become King?)

4. First Army to Use Camouflage

The French Army in World War II was the first army to wear camouflage. Now, this is one of the proudest facts about France. In 1915, the French Army dedicated a camouflage unit. Later, the British Army followed the suit and formed the Special Works Park RE, Royal Engineers section of the command.

As per law, you can marry a dead person in France. This can be the case if you can provide legitimate proof that the deceased had an intention to marry you. Then, permission for marriage could be acquired from the President. Recently, in 2017 Paris’s Champs: Elysees married his partner posthumously.

6. Screening of the First Public Movie

Auguste and Louis produced various short films in 1895 and 1905. The duo had their first public screening of the movie on 28 December 1895 in Paris. It was a five-second long black and white movie.

7. Oldest Person Ever

The oldest person ever lived died at the age of 122 years & 164 days. Jeanne Louise Calment was French-born and was born in 1875. She lived from the opening of the Eiffel Tower to the World Wars and died in the year 1997. The general life expectancy of people in France ranges from 79.4 for men to 85.3 for women. This is one of the amusing & fun facts about France.

8. Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

France isn’t just famous for its cuisines, but also produces the best wines in the world. The most expensive wine sold at an auction was an eye-fetching French Burgundy that costs USD 558,000. (See Why is The Mona Lisa So Expensive?)

9. Croissant Discovery in Austria

French pastry, Croissant, was actually discovered in Austria and is an adaptation of Kipferl. In 1839, it was sold by a French local, who quickly became popular. Due to the increasing demand, a French version was created in its crescent shape and so is the name – croissant.

10. Forbidden Kissing on Train Platforms

Another one of the fun facts about France is that kissing on train platforms is forbidden. Hence, the dramatic movie scenes go in vain here. The law made in the year 1910 was made to prevent delays in train departure.

 11. Cameraphone Invented in France

The first camera phone was invented in France in 1997 by Phillipe Kahn. The first image taken was of his newborn daughter that he later sent to his nearest kins. (Also read 4 Most Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution)

12. Nobel Prize for Literature

In 2013, the first prize for literature was won by Sully Prudhoome, a French writer. The country to date has won 14 times. It is the country with the maximum number of Nobel Prizes for Literature. Moreover, there are other writers as well who declined the prize later.

13. French Toast is Not French, At All!

Stories suggest that French toast was not invented in France, but actually was made miles away in New York. The creation was made by Joseph French. Another one of the interesting facts about France makes us think for a minute again. (See Do French Fries Really Come From France?)

Fun Facts about France French Toast

14. Illegal to Throw Food in France

There is no doubt that the conservatives would find France as the best place to stay. In 2006, a law was passed that said that edible food would not be thrown away, rather it should be donated. France is the first city to put a ban on throwing edible food.

15. French: Official Language of England

French was the language of the King Court from 1066 to 1362. The dominance of the language could be seen in the 14th century. It still has a presence today as there are still many French-originated phrases in dominance.

16. Average Sleep Per Day in France

While in this fast-paced world, we all wish to slow down time to spend with ourselves and others. Theories show that on average French sleep for 8.83 hours per day. So, if you are a person who loves to sleep, then try and spend time in France. It is one of the fun facts about France. (Also read Why do some people think french people are cold?)

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